Work Positioners
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Worker Positioners

Worker Positioner - Add-A-Level
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Worker Positioner - Add-A-Level

As low as: $59.00

- Raise workers to an optimum ergonomic height
- Constructed from a heavy-density polyethylene resin which is 100% recycled
- The flow-through grid design permits liquids and small scrap to drain away
- Also good for use as a storage shelf to keep products away from wet floors
- The stack kit allows two units to be stacked and locked together
- The connector kit allows you to connect units side by side


VRS-4000 - Stack Kit - Pack of Four: Call For Pricing

VRC-3000 - Connector Kit - Pack of Four: Call for Pricing
Linearizer Electric Worker Platform
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Worker Platform - Linearizer Electric

As low as: $1,291.20
Linearizer Electric Worker Platforms

- Designed to raise or lower a worker to optimum working height for maximum productivity with minimum risk of back injury or fatigue
-Typical application include packaging stations, heavy machinery such as drill presses, lathes and saws, individual work cells, or work areas where where height is a problem
- Lifting source is a low maintenance electric linear actuator
- An ergonomic anti-fatigue mat is included on the platform
- Two rigid casters on the back side are used to facilitate ease of movement
- Unit is operated with a pendant hand held push button control on an 8' cord
- Available with either 115v AC or a DC power pack
- Shop air option is also available

Posi-Crank Worker Platform
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Worker Platform - Posi-Crank

As low as: $1,018.40
Posi-Crank Worker Platform

- Ergonomic work station is an economical variable height work positioner
- With a simple turn of a crank, the platform height may be adjusted to the optimum ergonomic level suitable for each operator
- Benefits of the Posi-Crank include minimizing the risk of cumulative trauma injuries, back injuries and fatigue, while maximizing efficiency and operator morale
- Incorporates the use of ACME threaded rods and a series of gears for simple yet effective height adjustment
- The crank handle may be removed for maximizing the operating space
- The deck is constructed of steel treadplate for strength and better traction