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Adjustable Height Turntable
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Turntable - Adjustable Height - Powered

As low as: $1,650.10
- Allows operator to raise or lower turntable to an ergonomic height
- 360° manual turntable
- 110v AC power, 1 phase with pendant hand control
- Adjustable height with an electric linear-acutator
TT-4  Heavy Duty Manual Turntable
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Turntable - Heavy-Duty Manual

As low as: $71.80
- Maximize workspace and minimize wasteful motion.
- Benchtop turntables allow workers to stay in one position and rotate items for access from all sides
- No need to walk around the talbe to access unreachable areas
- Easy and smooth rotation
- More than one person can work on projects using a turntable
- Use for hundreds of applications; displays, paint spraying, assembly units, repairs, etc.
- Rugged 1/2" steel plate construction
- Easy, smooth operation won't jostle delicate parts

The double tier units, suffix DPED and CDPED, feature a stationary shelf for storing parts and tools.

Series PED and DPED feature a turn knob height adjustment operation.

Series CPED and CDPED feature a gas cylinder up and down mechanism (similar to an office chair).
Powered Turntable
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Turntable - Powered

As low as: $885.60
- Keeps tedious material handling at your fingertips
- Easy, smooth, clockwise rotation for hundreds of applications
- Rotation speed is non-adjustable
- 115v AC, 1 phase
- Three foot cord with on / off switch
- Side skirt to prevent materials from getting into the rotation mechanism is standard
- Clockwise rotation

Options - Call for pricing

Model PT-1/2 RPM Motor
(1 or 2 RPM motor) (Not available on PT-100)

Model PT-CCW Counter-Clockwise Rotation