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Stretch Wrap / Strapping

Model ST-12 HD Poly Strapping
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Heavy-Duty Poly Strapping & Seals

As low as: $44.40
  • Polypropylene strapping is the most commonly used strapping material
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Polypropylene strapping is an excellent choice for light duty palletizing, carton closing and bundling
  • For use with the following strapping models: STRAP-VH, STRAP-P-2, and STRAP-PS-HD
Model SS-12-HS  - Strapping
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High Strength Steel Strapping & Seals

As low as: $39.50
  • Provides strong reinforcement for those demanding jobs
  • Ideal for general packaging, bundling, and palletizing
  • Black in color
  • Works with model STRAP-VH and STRAP-P2
Model PKG-ST
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Poly & Steel Strapping Tools

As low as: $41.00
  • The tools you need to cut and seal strapping!
  • Cutter cuts up to 5 / 8" wide strapping
  • Tensioner features ratchet action that applies maximum tension instantly, pulling and cutting 3/4" strapping with little effort 
Model ST-12 Polypropylene Strapping
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Polypropylene Strapping

As low as: $107.70
  • The Polypropylene Straping has a smooth uniform texture that resists splitting
  • The core size is 9" x 8"
  • Absorbs shock loading
  • Works only with Models DBA-130 and S-2001
Model DBA-130 Semi Automatic Pallet Probe Machine
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Semi-Automatic Pallet Probe Strapping Machine

As low as: $4,543.40
  • User Friendly
  • Tension up to 175 lbs.
  • 40" Foldable Arm Probe
  • Uses 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" Poly Strapping

- Eliminate hand strapping and speed up the process of pallet strapping with this Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapper
- Unit automatically feeds the desired polypropylene strap through the pallet, tightens, and seals the strap around the pallet
- 115V power

(a) Unfold chute / leg
(b) Push chute / leg into pallet
(c) Feed polypropylene strap
(d) Insert tip of strap into strapway
(e) Adjust tension, pulling automatically into heat seal
(f) Strip is then cut off to feed the strap out
(g) One-cycle automatically complete
(h) Remove machine and insert into next pallet

Strapping is not included

Model S-2001 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
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Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

As low as: $1,197.20
  • Minimize Packaging Time
  • Secure Contents Effectively
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Stainless Steel Strapping Surface
  • Portable For Convenience
  • Easy Access for Reloading Support

- This fully portable strapping machine dispenses, tightens, and seals economical polypropylene stapping around packages or bundles greater than 3"
- Unit automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with a secure heat weld
- The motor automatically switches off when not in use
- As the strap is inserted, the motor automatically restarts
- Wall plug is standard 115V single phase 15 amp

Model SWA-60-AW Stretch Wrap Machine
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Stretch Wrap Machine - High Performance

As low as: $12,351.30
  • User friendly touch-screen control center provides workers efficient control of the wrapping process
  • The state of the art digital control circuit allows the operator to set the number of pallet rotations and film wrapping patterns
  • The operator simply ties off the film wrap on the carousel and presses the start button
  • When the SWA-60-AW has completed the wrapping process, the operator cuts the film wrap, and removes the wrapped pallet
  • The 60" round carousel has variable speed, 0 - 13 rpm, with soft start and stop feature
  • Photocell sensors automatically adjust to different pallet heights
  • 20" high film wrap can be set to ta 240% or 340% pre-stretch with 4 standard multifunction wrapping patterns
  • Film not included
  • Ships knockdown
  • Some assembly required
  • 110V 1 phase power
Model SWA Stretch Wrap Machine
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Stretch Wrap Machine - Standard Duty

As low as: $4,687.10
  • Increase productivity in the shipping department or at the end of a production line
  • This unit is complete with a 48" diameter powered turntable and counter-balanced stretch film mast
  • Easy to operate, simply depress the foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down
  • Powered by a 115V, 1 /2 HP motor with soft start / stop and variable speed control
  • Variable R.P.M. 3 - 12
  • Unit comes with  one film rod with special spacers that can be used with any height roll of stretch wrap material between 10" and 20"
  • Ships with mast unbolted
  • Some assembly required
  • Optional Approach Ramp option allows the operator to load and unload the machine with a pallet truck (model SWA-48 only)
  • The Powered Mast Option is available with a 24V hand control to work with those taller loads
  • The hand held control is used to raise / lower the film while the foot control is used to operate the turntable

NOTE: Options SWA-SCALE, SWA-R-4836 and SWA-R-4848 are for use with model SWA-48 ONLY.