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Stockpicker Truck

SPS2 - Stockpicker Truck
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Stockpicker Trucks

As low as: $447.10
  • Combine the mobility of a cart with the versatility of a step ladder with our Stockpicker Trucks.
  • Designed to minimize any risk of injuries that can occur when attempting to stock or unstock shelves from a ladder while pushing a cart.
  • Convenient spring loaded step ladder holds the cart securely in place while a person is standing on the ladder.
  • Crutch tip ladder prevents the cart from moving while stocking.
  • Springs then return the ladder to the raised position once personnel exit the step.
  • All shelves have a 2" lip turned up to prevent items from falling.
  • Standard casters are 4" x 2" mold-on-rubber, two rigid and two swivel with wheel brakes.
  • Steel units are powder coated blue.
  • Ladders on the aluminum units are also powder coated blue.
  • Casters and ladders are not attached for shipping purposes.
Steel Cantilever Stockpicker Truck
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Stockpicker Truck - Steel Cantilever

As low as: $307.60
  • Unique cantilever design allows for oversized packages to fit conveniently on the bottom shelf without restricting access to the packages.
  • Eliminate the need to move around a ladder and push a cart while trying to stock or unstock shelves.
  • Step ladder is spring loaded to hold the cart securely in place while a person is standing on the ladder.
  • Two rigid and two swivel 4" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters are standard.
SPS-HD - High Duty / Frame Stockpicker Truck
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Stockpicker Truck - High Duty & High Frame

As low as: $747.60
  • Oversized units are perfect for large jobs.
  • Ideal for oversized cartons, boxes, parts, and supplies.
  • Spring loaded ladder for sure, safe climbing, and loading.
  • Steps have non-skid footing with self-cleaning surface.
  • Each unit features three shelves.
  • Standard 4" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters, 2 rigid, 2 swivel.
  • Built of durable steel or aluminum construction.
  • Steel units and ladders are powder coated a blue finish.