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WES-273195 Crane Scale
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Crane Scales - Wesco

As low as: $569.00
- AC/DC power adapter with 6 volt rechargeable battery
- External charger included
- Able to weigh loads while lifting
- Gross or net weight LCD display shows weight in lbs. or kgs.
- Comes complete with shackle and hood with safety clip
- Remote control included
- 10%+ overcapacity warning indicated
- Battery status indicator
Model SCALE-S  Digital Floor Scale
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Electronic Digital Floor Scale

As low as: $1,818.00
  • Low-profile scale is only 3 1/2" off the floor, allowing easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment weighing up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Rugged desiign has a steel diamond treadplate top surface
  • The LCD digital display stands 42" high
  • Meets US standard 99-054 and Canadian standard AM-5318
  • Optional Approach Ramp for pallet truck accessibility
  • IDEA - Order two Approach Ramps for easy drive-on and drive-off convenience 
Model V-PL  Mettler Toledo Parts Scale
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Parts Scales - Mettler Toledo

As low as: $85.00
Scales from Mettler Toledo™

-  Highly accurate, user-friendly scales
-  These scales capture a stable  weight reading in less than one second
-  Features a rugged aluminum housing, stainless steel weighting pan, and a simple keyboard
-  Switches between pounds and kilograms
-  Operates on 120V AC
Model VPU - "U" Shaped Platform Scale
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"U" Shaped Platform Scale

As low as: $1,133.00
- DC Power with 115V 1-Phase Charger
- The VPC U-Shaped Platform Scales are constructed of heavy duty steel to withstand the more demanding industrial environments
- U-Frame scales are designed specially to handle pallets, and they are easy to move and store
- Ideal for moving around the work place where there is not enough room for a fixed scale
- U-Shaped scales are suitable for weighing in a warehouse, storehouse or general use
- U-Frame scales are light weight and can be easily moved by one person with two wheels and a handle
- The scales come equipped with four heavy duty load cells and a deluxe stainless steel indicator head