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Ramp - Aluminum Curb
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Ramp - Aluminum Curb

As low as: $0.00
  • Used to move heavy hand truck loads over curbs easily and safely
  • For hand truck traffic only
  • Lightweight, durable and strong for years of use
  • Non-skid surface provides secure footing
  • Cut-out handle for ease of handling
  • Heavy duty 750 lbs. capacity and light duty 500 lbs. capacity units available


**Call for custom size availability***

Aluminum Walk Ramp
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Ramp - Aluminum Walk

As low as: $0.00
  • Portable lightweight aluminum walk ramps carried in delivery trucks speed unloading
  • Serrated ramp deck and side curbs safely retain loaded hand trucks
  • Provides for truck loading and unloading by hand trucks without dock access
  • Level-off style overlapping truck bed secured by 18" long chains for safe connection with truck
  • Steel hook style units lock onto the truck bed for flush direct entry into the truck
  • Designed for 20% to 36% grades for use with two- and four-wheeled hand and floor trucks
Model WES-150800 Curb Ramp
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Ramp - Curb

As low as: $69.00
  • Lightweight, portable ramp allows for easy movement up and down curbs
  • 600 lbs. capacity
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramp
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Ramp - Fiberglass Walk and Auto Loader

As low as: $1,136.10
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps  (FWR Series)

- Load and unload equipment from trucks using these Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps
- Reinforced fiberglass construction provides up to 3,000 pounds capacity
- Abrasive surface provides good traction in wet or dry conditions
- 1" high curb on each side of ramp
- NOT for use with fork lifts or pallet Trucks

Fiberglass Autoloader Ramps  (FAL Series)

- The Autoloader Ramp can be separated in half to provide two ramps that may be used to load automobiles and other vehicles
- Each half is 18" wide and handles up to 2,500 pounds
- To separate, simple remove center hinge pin
Series MPR Multi-Purpose Ramp
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Ramp - Multi-Purpose

As low as: $47.70
- High impact ramps are perfect for a variety of work environments including delivery routes, schools, hospitals and warehouses
- These ramps make it simple to move loads onto a curb or over hoses and cables
- The textured non-skid surface allows for sure footing on the incline and decline
- The lightweight and completely portable unit handles hand trucks and other wheeled equipment with ease
- Holes located on each side to attach multiple units

MPR series can be mounted permanently
Type "A" Model D-TR-88 Telescopic Wheel Chair Ramp
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Ramp - Wheel Chair

As low as: $246.20
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all buildings must be accessible to disabled persons
  • Failure to comply may result in monetary damages and civil penalties
  • According to ADA rules and regulations, for every inch of rise you must have a foot of ramp in length

NOTE: Models D-TR-88 and D-FAR-120 priced per pair (2 to a shipment)

Type "A" - Telescopic Ramp
is constructed of  lightweight aluminum extrusion. The top surface is serrated for positive traction.

Type "B" - Fold-A-Way Ramp has a convenient design which permits easy, one person storage and handling. Slip-resistant surface proves extra traction. Each ramp comes with 2 handles for easy positioning.

Type "C" - Grate Ramp is a semi-permanent ramp that is ideal for high traffic areas. Handrails are available.

Type "D" - Roll-O-Ramp provides access over curbs. Wheels installed on curb of ramp for portability. Beveled edges create smooth transition between ramp and ground

Type "E" - Suitcase Ramp has serrated grip with debris slots. Folds for transportation.