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Quick Lifts

Adjustable Box Stacker
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Box Stacker - Adjustable

As low as: $713.80
- Designed specifically for transporting, stacking, and lifting plastic crates and similar types of containers
- Compact and lightweight
- Fork width and box clamps are adjustable to fit different size boxes and containers
- All box clamps are rubber coated for extra grip.
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Lite Load Lifts

As low as: $562.50
  • Lift and transport loads from delivery trucks to docks, or use to inventory intems on storage systems.
  • Easy to operate, lifts are available in aluminum or steel with low profile models available.
  • Units roll smoothly on 6" x 2" mold-on-rubber rear wheels with 2" semi steel front wheels.
  • Four swivel wheels and floor lock are standard with the suffix (-4SFL).
  • Located on the handle are two rollers to ease loading into delivery trucks.
  •  The platform lifts approximately 1" per winch rotation or foot pump stroke.
  • Horizontal load center is 10". Low profile units have a deck height of 1/4" with 2" high side lips.

Ask us about upgrading your unit with these options:

Hand operated floor lock.    Call for pricing

2 speed foot pump. Includes flow control and pressure relief.  Call for pricing

KLIFT-220 - Portable Aluminum Load Lifter
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Load Lifter - Aluminum Portable

As low as: $3,737.30

Ideal for the traveling salesperson as well as service and installation crews!

Weighs a modest 59 pounds, yet safely lifts and positions up to 220 pounds.
- Stores easily in a truck or a car.
- Rolls smoothly on 4" x 2 1/2" rear swivel casters and 3" x 1" front wheels.
- Overall size of the unit is 22 3/4" wide x 30 3/4" long x 55" high

PEL 88 - DC Powered Lift
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Quick Lift - DC Powered

As low as: $2,155.70
DC Powered Quick Lifts

- Quiet, lightweight units transport and position loads quickly with just the push of a button!
- Battery operated
- High density polyethylene platform makes these lifts ideal for clean room operations.
- 9" horizontal load center
- Features low profile design for maneuvering in narrow aisles and confined spaces.
- 3" Poly casters; two swivel and two swivel-locking are standard.
- 24v battery and 110v AC charger.
- Powder coat blue finish.

Available Options - Call for Pricing

Optional 115v AC power option

Optional 230v AC power option

Operates on either 24v DC battery or 115v AC 1 phase

Operates on either 24v DC battery or 230v AC 1 phase

Detachable Hand Pendant Control

Programmable Height Indexing
Straddle Design Model A-LIFT-R
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Quick Lift - Hand Winch

As low as: $739.60
- Compact lift trucks are designed to lift material to and from shelves, move office equipment, and install ceiling/wall appliances
- Constructed of durable steel-and-aluminum
- Rugged 4" wide by 1 3/4" thick steel forks measure 20 1/2" wide by 22" long
- Operated by a hand crank winch that features a reversible handle and a hold-down device for securing the carriage during transport
- Forks can be inverted to provide two different heights
- Two 8" non-marking rear wheels, two 2" front swivel casters

Options - Call for pricing

Deck Platform (not used with CB units)   S. W. 25 lbs.

A-LIFT-PN  10" pneumatic rear wheels (not used with CB units)   S. W. 20 lbs.
Portable Worksite Lift
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Lift - Portable Worksite

As low as: $1,271.70
- Ideal for positioning loads where they are needed
- Includes a lifting platform and an overhead lifting boom for unique applications
- Features a manual hand crank winch with hook
- Portability is easy with 8" x 2" phenolic swivel casters and push handle
- Distance between outriggers is 28"
- Unit knocks-down in two pieces - base and upright
- Ideal for storage in tight places and for transportation in the back of a vehicle
- Welded steel construction with a painted finish
- Capacity is 500 lbs.
Hefti-Lift Model HYD-10
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Lift - Hefti

As low as: $768.10

Not for use with pallets

- User-friendly portable hydraulic lift provides reliable, powerful lifting when moving and positioning loads
- Economical and attractive, they're ideal for commercial and industrial use
- Includes removable chrome platform for operations requiring forks
- Manual hydraulic foot pump yields 3/4" of platform travel per stroke
- Nonslip chain is used for accurate positioning
- Units roll easily on two rigid and two swivel polyurethane casters and include a foot operated brake
- All welded steel construction with chrome platform uprights
- Each fork is 4 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H
- The fork length is the same as the platform length
- Overall fork width is 22"
Portable Hand Winch Lifter
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Lifter - Portable Hand Winch

As low as: $617.90
- Easy to maneuver with its 4" x 1" wheels, two rigid, two locking swivel
- Features a removable platform for increased versatility
- Platform size is 20" wide by 20" long
- The handle length on the hand crank may be adjusted to increase or decrease lifting / lowering speeds
- Lifts 2 1/2" per rotation
- Forks measure 19 3/4" long