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Lifters / Magnets / Sweepers

Model HLM-5 Hoist Magnet
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Hoist Magnets

As low as: $419.00

- Hoist Magnets are a great way for lifting spilled materials; nails, steel slivers
- The magnet can be activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever
- Standard features include stainless steel case and forged eyebolts
- Units are lightweight and easy to use

NOTE: Capacity is rated on 1/4" material thickness
Model MLM-20 Magnetic Catcher
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Magnetic Catcher

As low as: $89.40

- Ideal for picking up small metallic objects
- To use simply move over objects
- To deactivate squeeze lever and the items will be released
- Made of a hard plastic body with black steel handle
Model ML-2 Magnetic Lifter
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Magnetic Lifter

As low as: $203.10

- Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter
- Magnet is activated by simply rotating the lever
- Units are lightweight, so transporting from work area to work area is convenient
Model SLV  Slab Lifter
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Slab Lifters

As low as: $666.40

- Convert your fork truck (with swivel hook) or overhead lifting system into a rugged slab lifter in a matter of seconds
- Designed to meet or exceed the needs of the building and stone industries
- Our innovative slab lifter is becoming a leader in the next generation of lifters
- The usable opening of the top loop is 1 5/8" wide
Model HMS Load Release
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Hanging Magnetic Sweepers

As low as: $464.00

- Simply hang it from your vehicle and sweep your entire road or parking lot clean of tire damaging material
- Constructed with heavy gauge steel and aluminum
- Each unit contains powerful ceramic magnets that are protected by an aluminum shell
- Comes completely assembled
- Includes eyebolts for hanging from a vehicle and pockets for fork truck use