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Gantry & Jibs

Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes
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Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes

As low as: $2,804.20
  • The Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Crane combines lightweight and rigid construction into one unit
  • The all aluminum construction of this gantry crane make it corrision resistant and perfect for outdoor use
  • The lightweight I-beam allows for height adjustment without the need of a hoist or fork truck
  • All pinned connections make it possible for two people to set it up
  • Height is adjustable in 6" increments
  • Hoist and trolley are available separately

Usable distrance between uprights is overall beam length minus 14 1/4".

*Usable trolley travel length is overall beam length minus 20" / 24"

Note: All products should be inspected frequently to ensure safe operation.  Final testing and inspection is left to end user after final asembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.

Model SBM-25 Adjustable Spreader Beams
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Adjustable Spreader Beams

As low as: $555.80

- Lift uneven loads and keep them level with increased safety
- The Spreader Beam width ranges from 8" to 72" in 4" increments
- Center clevis can be adjusted in 4" increments
- Clevis slides between two 5" channels
- Meets ASME B30.20-1993 standard
Model DSJ-300 Air Balance Jib Lifter
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Air Balance Jib Lifters

As low as: $6,529.00
  • Achieves high performance, excellent safety, and low cost in the handling of heavy materials
  • Designed to effortlessly handle materials in a three dimensional work space
  • The push-button hand control operates the pneumatic cylinder, raising and lowering the cable, in turn, positioning the load
  • Three models available
AHA-FES-KIT  Festoon Kit
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Aluminum Gantry Crane Options

As low as: $107.70

These options fit Model AHA

Model SC - Crane Scales
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Crane Scales

As low as: $732.00

- Accuracy, qualty, durability and affordability are key attributes of the Crane Series
- Our digital hanging scales offer fast and reliable service weighing in a compact and durable housing
- Designed to withstand the most aggressive and heavy duty industrial lifting applications
- Features: hook and shackle, rechargeable 6V battery, AC/DC power adapter, automatic shutoff and convertible gross / net weight display
- Accuracy is + / - 1%.

- Ask for a quote on units with remote, double side display, low temp and high temp capabilties
Model SBM - Economy Spreader Beam
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Economy Spreader Beams

As low as: $460.50
  • These versatile lifters are ideal for lifting a variety of loads where headroom is limited
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI B30.20 standards
  • Two safety swivel hooks and durable powder coat finish
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
Model TJIB Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs
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Extra Travel Tri-Post Jib

As low as: $626.60
  • This unique jib was designed for use in workstations
  • Place over the top workbench
  • Extra travel fixed-height I-beam overhangs workbench to allow lifting of products from cart to bench
  • Straddle width is 40" (ID)
  • Steel construction
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately

NOT compatible with the Eye Manual Trollies

Model JIB-FM Floor Mounted Jigs
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Floor Mounted Jibs

As low as: $995.90
  • Fixed height floor mounted jib adapts well to many applications
  • Full 360° rotation allows personnel to completely utilize their workstation
  • Solid steel construction will assist workers in lifting awkward materials
  • Overall I-beam length is 80" with a usable length of 70"
  • Requires reinforced concrete pad for installation
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately
Model HDLL-15 Heavy Duty Load Lifter
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Heavy Duty Load Lifter

As low as: $57.50

-Designed for lifting uneven awkward sized loads
-Adjust bail position left or right by turning hand crank
-Includes chains for connecting to load (connector links and hooks are not included)
-For use with overhead lifting device (sold separately)
-Steel construction with painted finish
-Spread is 20" wide from center to center of bars
Model HLM-5 Hoist Magnet
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Hoist Magnets

As low as: $419.00

- Hoist Magnets are a great way for lifting spilled materials; nails, steel slivers
- The magnet can be activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever
- Standard features include stainless steel case and forged eyebolts
- Units are lightweight and easy to use

NOTE: Capacity is rated on 1/4" material thickness
Model VAN-J Manual Lifter Jib
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Lifter Jibs

As low as: $524.10
  • Lift items from the ground to van floor height, then rotate to cargo area
  • Hand crank winch is standard, battery powered is optional
  • Battery powered winch includes 36" long leads - battery is not included
  • Van floor to raised hook height is 38"
  • Double-pivot arm for use in tight spaces
  • Overall height is 47"
  • Mounting plate measures 8" x 8"
  • Steel construction
  • Painted finish
Model ML-2 Magnetic Lifter
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Magnetic Lifter

As low as: $203.10

- Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter
- Magnet is activated by simply rotating the lever
- Units are lightweight, so transporting from work area to work area is convenient
Model VAC-6 Pneumatic Vacuum Hoist Attachment
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Mechanical & Pneumatic Hoist Attachments

As low as: $1,037.00
Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter - is designed to lift products with smooth, flat, and non-porous surfaces. Push button to operate vacuum to grap product. Release button to release product. Positioning of product is provided by the Air Balance Jib Lifter.

Scissor Action Lifter -
is designed to lift round cylindrical products like pipe and tubing. Mechanical operation only. Positioning of product is provided by the Air Balance Jib Lifter or a hoist.

Double Hook Lifter -
is designed to lift virtually any type of object, either small or large, long or short, round or flat. Simple double-hook design with mechanical operation only. Positioning of product is provided by the Air Balance Jib Lifter or a hoist.
Model CJIB Overhead Cantilever Jib
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Mini Overhead Cantilever Jibs

As low as: $665.70
  • This unique jib can be used in work cells / areas
  • Unique fixed-height design allows for outriggers to be mounted underneath a work bench
  • Easily lif product from cart to workbench
  • Staddle width is 48" (ID)
  • Steel construction
  • Hoist and trolley ordered separately


Model JIB-P - Multi-Station Jib Crane
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Multi-Station Transportable Jib Crane

As low as: $596.90
  • Designed for use in multiple locations, includes jib crane and one base socket
  • Extra base sockets may be purchased for use in other locations
  • Friction brake design allows positive locking and controlled rotation of heavy loads
  • 360° continuous rotation of heavy loads
  • Handle most applications up to 1,000 lbs. and up to 120" radius reach
  • Standard 4" high I-beam on all units with 2.663" flange width
  • Rugged welded steel construction
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately
Model JIB-CB No Concrete - Portable Jib Crane
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Portable Jib Cranes

As low as: $861.40
  • Optional cement counterbalance base available!
  • Unique design allows for easy transportation of jib crane with a fork truck
  • Standard base included with jib crane is not filled with concrete (insructions are included for proper filling)
  • Base may be ordered pre-filled with concrete for immediate use
  • Base measures 42" x 42" and includes built-in fork tubes
  • Fork tubes are 7 1/2" W x 2 1/2" usable
  • Fixed length I-beam will pivot 360° for complete access
  • Upright vertical column bolts to base
  • Steel construction
  • Units ship knocked down
  • Not for use as a fork truck attachment
Model WTJ-20 Power Lift Jib Crane
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Power Lift Jib Cranes

As low as: $2,304.40
  • Designed for material handling applications on docks, in warehouses or in truck beds
  • Choose either intermittent or continuous duty winches with reaches from 3 to 9 feet
  • Available in AC or DC power
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA specifications


ITEM "A" - Intermittent Use Cranes feature rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360° positioning. The mast mounts permanently. Boom adjusts in 12" increments and can be positioned at 3 elevations. DC models include 25 feet of 3/16" aircraft-grade, wire rope with swivel hook and safety latch. Folds for storage. Choose either 12V DC, 1/3HP with 12 foot removable plug-in pendant control or 120V AC 1/2HP with fingertip switch to raise and lower hook.

ITEM "B" - The economical answer to your material handling problems. Offers light-duty, intermittent use. Up to 1,500 pounds capacity at 36" boom extension. 360° locking manual rotation, 25 feet of 5/32" cable with swivel snatch block and safety latch. 12" x 12" mounting plate.

Model SLV  Slab Lifter
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Slab Lifters

As low as: $666.40

- Convert your fork truck (with swivel hook) or overhead lifting system into a rugged slab lifter in a matter of seconds
- Designed to meet or exceed the needs of the building and stone industries
- Our innovative slab lifter is becoming a leader in the next generation of lifters
- The usable opening of the top loop is 1 5/8" wide
Model GPTD Power Traction Control
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Steel Gantry Crane - Options

As low as: $106.60
For Fixed and Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes models FHS and AHS.

** 4-position V-Groove casters available upon request. Call for pricing

For Power Traction Control - Additional buttons on hand control for hoist & trolley are available.  Please call for additional details and pricing.
Model AHS Adj.  Height Gantry Crane
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Steel Gantry Cranes

As low as: $948.60
  • Industrial Steel Gantry Cranes are designed for transporting and positioning materials
  • Solid steel construction will provide years of service
  • Choose from a variety of sizes
  • Large 8" diameter 4 position locking swivel phenolic casters with roller bearings will facilitate easy mobility from one area to another
  • More economical and flexible than permanent cranes
  • Features quick setup design
  • Order optional Lever Ratchet for easy one-person height adjustment (not for fixed-height models)
  • Height is adjustable in 6" increments on adjustable-height models
  • Blue finish
  • Hoist and trolley are not included

Note:  All products should be inspected frequently to ensure safe operation. Final testing and inspection is left to the end-user after final assembly has been completed. For further details please refer to ASME B30.17.

Model JIB-HC  Tie Rod Jib
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Tie Rod Jibs (For High Ceilings)

As low as: $574.30
  • Acheive maximum floor space and utilize wasted air space
  • Mount to walls or columns to increase hook coverage over workstations
  • Unit rotates 180°
  • All steel construction provides years of service
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately
Model JIB - Wall Jib for low ceilings
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Wall Jibs (for low ceilings)

As low as: $755.80
  • Designed to assist workers in the maneuvering of materials as well as achieving maximum headroom where low ceilings pose a concern
  • This cantilever style jib crane mounts to true vertical wall members
  • Increases personnel productivity by lifting awkward materials
  • Overall I-beam length is 92" with a usable length of 80"
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately
Model WTJ-2  Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane
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Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane

As low as: $325.40
  • Installed in your pick-up truck bed, this winch operated jib crane will help lift loads up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Lift items from ground to truck bed height, then rotate into cargo area
  • Includes telescopic boom design with manual hydraulic hand pump to pivot boom up and down
  • Manual cable winch (with a 1/4" cable diameter) to lift and lower loads
  • Unit comes with one grab hook, one chain slot lock, and one slink hook with latch
  • Mounting plate is 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"
  • Base height is 12 1/2"
  • Overall height is 56"
  • The crane swivels on a 360° base
  • Safety yellow in color
  • Welded steel construction
Model FPG Portable Gantry Crane
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Work Area Portable Gantry Cranes

As low as: $853.20
  • Designed to maximize material handling requirements in light-duty lifting applications
  • Lightweight fixed height design allows for easy mobility
  • Includes four polyrethane-on-steel swivel casters
  • Welded steel construction
  • Stradle width is 68"
  • Powder coat finish
  • Hoist and trolley ordered separately