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APPL-500-A Appliance Cart
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Cart - Appliance

As low as: $118.00
  • These carts are ideal for moving large, bulky, heavy appliances, and awkward loads.
  • A strap and tension bar are included with these units to held the product in place while transporting up or down stairways, hills or uneven surfaces.
  • The lightweight aluminum cart is ideal for moving companies and delivery vehicles.

Note: The following models also include (2) 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" mold-on-rubber swivel rear casters:




Model 230051 - StairKing Appliance Truck
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Cart - Powered Appliance Truck

As low as: $4,770.50
- U.S. Patent No 7.137.464
- 1/2 Horsepower, 50 amp, high torque motor runs cooler under load
- Industrial grade gear box transmits steady power and is preferable to other drive designs
- Large 2" diameter, polyurethane lifting feet provide more secure stair gripping
- Auto rewind ratchet works first to take the slack out of the cargo belt, and then provides a ratchet crank to securely tighten the load
- Noseplate measures 24" by 4" deep. Welded magnesium frame and noseplate
- Sealed maintenance-free battery. Charger and circuit breaker included
- 6" moldon rubber wheels

WLF Winch Lift Option

- Optional aluminum winch lift attachment has 800 lb. capacity
- 3 1/2" Jarvis Advantage® swivel casters for 4 wheel support and mobility
- Winch equipped with autobraking system
- 18" forks, adjustable width up to 19" outside dimension
- 57.25" lift height

Steel Nose Extension Option

- Toe plate extension
- Easily clips on to standard toe plate and provides 12" deep x 28" wide cargo surface

Platform Option - slips onto WLF Forks

- Platform attachment
- Slides in place over winch lift forks to provide a 20" x 20" lifting platform

MSWK Option

- Superwheel attachment installs in seconds
- Equipped with 10" x 4" full pneumatic tires. Provides 4-wheel support and eases transport over rough surfaces

KOW - Kick-out Wheel

- Kick-out 3.5" casters for four wheel stability

Battery Charger Cord (Model BC - Standard with Truck Purchase)

- Charge battery while driving between stops
- Plugs into cigarette lighter
- Cable length is 20'
- Charger is included with truck purchase
Desk Mover
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Desk Mover

As low as: $205.10
Desk Mover

- Move fully loaded desks without removing drawers and files

To use:
  - Position the 31 1/2" wide x 16" deep platform under desk pedestals and depress handle to raise desk and engage safety latch

- Steel lift platform and removable handle have a mar and skid resistant vinyl coating to protect the desk
- Elevated desk moves easily with or without handle on 3" swivel rubber casters
Model 272998 File Cabinet Truck
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File Cabinet Truck

As low as: $153.30
  • Usable for moving both letter and legal size file cabinets
  • Easy height adjustment for 2, 3, or 4 drawer file cabinets
  • Adjustable arm accommodates cabinets up to 30" deep and holds cabinet firmly in place while tilting load
  • Felt covering protects cabinets from scratches
  • Heavy-duty noseplate - 14 1/2" x 4"
  • Overall dimensions are stated in extended position
MFM-4000 - Furniture and Crate Mover
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Furniture and Crate Mover

As low as: $506.60
  • Transport furniture, crates and machinery easily!
  • Simply slide nose plate item to be moved, strap both dollies together, and lift.
  • Available in either a manual mechanical hand crank lift option or a manual hand pump hydraulic lift option.
  • Standard with (4) 6" x 2" swivel poly-on-steel casters and straps.
  • Steel construction with durable paint finish.
  • Priced and sold in pairs.
Model 272410 Aluminum Appliance / Vending Truck
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Hand Truck - Aluminum Appliance & Vending

As low as: $512.70
  • Economical in price but high in features and value
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with auto rewind ratchet
  • Model 272411 has a double ratchet design for greater cargo security
  • Model 272412 has four wheel kick-out design to support heavy loads and help reduce the strain of balancing the cargo over long distances
Model WES-480001 HemiMover Machine Roller
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As low as: $196.00
  • HeviMovers™ are made with precision ground and hardened steel rollers that form an endless chain which revolves around a central load-bearing plate in the frame
  • Weight of the load is transferred directly from load-bearing plate to rollers
  • This eliminates axle friction and requires less power to start and move the load. HeviMovers™ roll easily over cracks and pitted floor areas to reduce possible damage to goods
  • Swivel-top for maximum maneuverability, full 360° rotation
  • Spring-loaded locking mechanism at 45° intervals
  • Only periodic cleaning and light re-oiling of roller chain needed

HeviMover Kit #480019

This kit includes 4 HMS-2 HeviMovers and 2 29" knocked down steering handles in a rugged steel tool box.

Model WES-260086  Machinery Mover
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Machinery Movers

As low as: $1,985.70
  • Five year guarantee against weld failure!
  • Heavy-duty capacities up to 5 tons - the most economical way to lift and move large bulky loads
  • Swivel casters allow movement in any direction
  • Hand operated hydraulic jack for easy lifting and controlled lowering of loads
  • All models supplied with hooks for recommended optional LB-1 or LB-2 load binders

Rais-N-Rol™ 2,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

- 23" wide x 12.5" deep x 48.375" high (lowered height)
- I.D. fork span range 7.25" to 17.5"

Rais-N-Rol™ 4,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

- 23" wide x 16.5" x 43.625" high (lowered height)
- I.D. fork span range 5" to 19.5"

Rais-N-Rol™ 6,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

- 23" wide x 16.5" deep
- RNR-6(P):   41.375"   HRNR-64(P): 43.625" H
- I.D. fork span range 6" to 19.5"

Rais-N-Rol™ 8,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

- 23" wide x 16.5" x 43.375" high (lowered height)
- I.D. fork span range 6" to 19.5"

Rais-N-Rol™ 10,000 lb. Capacity Per Pair

- 23" wide x 16.5" x 47.625" high (lowered height)
- I.D. fork span range 6" to 19.5"

Option: Load Binder Accessory

- Two 12' long nylon belts with heavy duty ratchet tighteners
- Highly recommended for stabilizing large loads

NOTE:  Sold in pairs only.  All shipping weights are for a pair of Rais-N-Rol™ units

Model SSKT-12 Steerable Machinery Skates
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Machinery Skates

As low as: $57.90
  • These skates are designed to move heavy equipment and machinery
  • Nylon wheels are strong and will not mark floors
  • The top of each skate includes a rubber surface for extra grip
  • Steel construction with handle to carry and position
  • Three styles to choose from

Dolly size is nonadjustable and wheels are rigid. Designed primarily for moving in straight lines

Adjustable: Includes two dollies connected with a slider bar to form one larger dolly. Slider bar allows for adjustable overall dolly width. Designed primarily for moving in straight lines.

Steerable: Each dolly includes a swivel top plate and a pulling bar to allow for easy maneuvering around turns and corners