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Fork Truck Accessories

WES-240039 Fork Truck Drum Lifter & Tilter
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Drum Lifter & Tilter - Wesco

As low as: $69.30
Fork Truck Drum Lifter & Tilter Model WES-240039

- Fork truck driver does not have to leave truck to dispense
- Offers versatile drum dispensing capabilties that to not require hoists
- Geared design allows controlled dumping and dispensing
- Does not require any modifications to the fork truck
- Ships assembled and boxed
- Has 800 lbs. capability for a full drum, 500 lbs. for a half full drum
- Fork pocket dimensions (ID) 6.625" x 2.625"
- Fork pocket dimensions center to center is 31"
- Length of chain is 144"

Value Fork Truck Drum Lifter & Tilter

- Economically priced lower capacity model
- Two models, 700 & 1,400 lb. capacities
- Operator does not have to leave seat to tilt drum
Model F4 - Forged Steel Forks
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Forged Steel Forks

As low as: $339.00
  • Change your current fork lengths or buy an extra pair for an emergency with our new Forged Steel Forks
  • Forks are 4"  wide each
  • Designed for class II carriage mounting and includes lock pins
  • Meets I.T.A. standards
Carriage Mounted Coil Ram
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Fork - Coil Ram / Lifter

As low as: $293.30
- Used to maneuver many types of coiled material
- Available in both class II carriage mount and fork mount
- To accomodate multiple core sizes, units can be ordered with either a 4" or 5" diameter ram pole
- Coil lifters are manufactured to accomodate multiple core sizes
- Sturdy steel construction and painted blue
- Fork mounted units feature 7 1/2" wide by 2" tall (usable) fork pockets while the carriage mounted units are class II with a spring loaded lock pin to secure he unit to fork truck carriage
Fork Extensions - HANDLE-IT Brand
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Fork Extensions - HANDLE-IT Brand

As low as: $215.00
  • Permits lifting long and large items with a fork truck
  • Welded retainer keeps extension on forks when in use
  • Extensions for shaft mounted forks available on special order
  • Other sizes available on special order
  • Fits forks up to 2 inches in thickness
  • Extend forks no more than 1½ times original length

**Fork Extensions sold as a pair**

Model FE   Fork Extensions
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Fork Extensions - Other Styles

As low as: $228.50
  • Provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with a fork truck
  • Welded steel construction with cast steel tips
  • Steel retaining strap (loop style) prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use
  • Powder coat yellow finish
  • OSHA regulations require that extensions are no more than 150% of the existing fork length (e.g. 48" existing forks, the fork extension should not exceed 72")
  • Maximum capacity is 4,000 lbs. evenly distributed.

Loop Style:
Insert loop at the tip of the fork and slide it up at a 45° angle then lay it down over the existing fork.

Pin Style (suffix P): Remove pin and lay extension over fork or drive fork truck into the extension. Re-insert the pin behind the heel of the fork to secure extension.

Rear Spacer (suffix RS): Insert the loop at the tip of the fork and slide it up at a 45° angle then lay it down over the existing forks. Load pallets into rear of trailer conveniently and easily. Practical for pushing pallets two or three deep into a trailer.


Round Forks
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Fork Extensions - Round or Triangular

As low as: $445.10
- Ideal for moving large rolls of material
- Available in round or triangular style
- To install insert the loop at the tip of the fork and slide it up at a 45° angle
- Then lay it down over the fork
- OSHA regulations require that extensions do not exceed the length of the fork by more than 150%

Pricing is for two (one pair) of extensions.
FMDL-2 Automatic Eagle Beak Drum Lifter
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Fork Mounted Automatic Eagle Beak Drum Lifter

As low as: $936.40
Automatic Eagle Beak™ Drum Lifter

- Time  tested and proven design allows a fork truck operator to easily secure, move, and release drums without leaving the seat of the fork truck
- For use with open and closed head 30 and 55-gallon plastic, steel, and fiber drums with a top lip strong enough to support the weight of the drum
- Choose single-drum or double-drum configuration
- Includes safety chain and T-locks to secure unit to the fork truck
- Welded steel construction
- Powder coat finish
- Fork pockets measure 6 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" high usable

VSWP Fork Mounted Brush Sweeper
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Fork Mounted Brush Sweepers

As low as: $591.00
  • This rugged lightweight Fork Truck Broom is ideal for interior and exterior commercial sweeping
  • Great for cleanup applications; docks, warehouses, and parking lots
  • Lightweight aluminum body with polypropylene bristles (replacable)
  • Red powder coat finish
  • Fork pockets measure 7 1/4" deep x 5" wide x 2" high
  • Unit attaches to foks by sliding forks into fork pockets and securing with locking screws
FDG-55 Fork Mounted Drum Gripper
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Fork Mounted Drum Gripper (Economy)

As low as: $191.90
- Designed for use with fork trucks fitted with hydraulic lateral fork positioners ONLY
- Easily attaches to your forks for easy drum positioning
- Available for use with 30 and 55-gallon steel drums
- Usable fork openings are 5 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" high
- Secure to forks with friction-lock screw mechanism
- Welded steel construction
DRUM-HYD-1 Electric Hydraulic Fork Mounted Drum
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Fork Mounted Drum Gripper - Electric Hydraulic

As low as: $3,622.30
- Maximize performance and product control
- Accomodates 30 and 55-gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums
- Available in single drum design only
- 12v DC power is standard
- Battery included
- Allows for lifting and moving of drums in the vertical position only
- Includes hand control on coil cord for controlling the gripping arms from the rear of the fork truck
- Safety chain is included to secure the gripper to the fork truck
- Welded steel construction
- Painted finish
Model DGS-A Drum Gripper
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Fork Mounted Drum Grippers

As low as: $347.60
- The Drum Gripper makes it easy to pick up one or two steel drums without leaving the seat of the fork truck
- Simply slip the forks into the fork tubes and the Drum Gripper is ready to go
- The knuckle gripping system is lowered around the drum, gripped tightly and then lifted into the air
- Drum is automatically released by lowering the forks
- All models feature hinged folding design for storage
- Models DGS-A feature adjustable-width arms for use with both 30-gallon and 55-gallon steel drums
- Welded steel construction
- Powder coat finish
FMDL-1500 Fork Mounted Drum Lifter
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Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

As low as: $795.90

Fork truck attachments utilize a light duty single automatic clamping mechanism for handling any size steel or plastic chimed drum.  Scales are available as an option.

Model FMDL-850 is a knockdown unit that bolts together. Fork pockets and safety chain provide quick and easy installation. NOTE: The FMDL-850 model is a light-duty unit designed to handle 100 or fewer drums per month.

Model FMDDL-1700
atttaches to the carriage of most fork trucks and walkie stackers. NOTE: The FMDDL-1700 model is a light-duty unit designed to handle 100 or fewer drums per month.

The following units are fork mounted drum lifters that enable fork truck operators to install or remove the attachment in seconds without any tools. Totally enclosed fork pockets with attached safety chain and cam lock secures the attachment to the fork truck.

Models FMDL-1500 & FMDL-2000 - Fork truck attachments utilize a heavy-duty single automatic clamping mechanism for handling steel, fiber, and plastic chimed drums in high volume applications.

Models FMDDL-3000 & FMDDL-4000 feature heavy-duty double articulating clamping mechanisms for handling any steel, plastic, or fiber chimed drums in high volume applications. Each drum is gripped with two upper and lower jaws in heads that are spaced about 6 inches apart.

DFDL-3 Deluxe Combination Fork Mounted Drum Lifter
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Fork Mounted Drum Lifter - Deluxe Combination

As low as: $1,358.90
- Deluxe Combination Fork Mounted Drum Lifter includes attachments to lift any type of drum; 30 and 55-gallon, steel, plastic, fiber, and open or closed head drums
- Includes single Eagle Beak™ unit and both bottom and top lip Poly Drum Lifters
- Capacity will vary depending upon which attachment you are using
- Fork pockets have an inside measurement of 6 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" high
- Includes safety chain and T-locks for securing unit to fork truck
- Welded steel construction
- Powder coat finish
Model FL-4000  Fork Mounted Front Loader
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Fork Mounted Front Loader

As low as: $1,797.30
  • The Front Loader is engineered for use with your existing fork truck
  • "Dust Pan" design is ideal for transporting snow, gravel, sand or refuse
  • Pull release cable to dump contents of scoop
  • Attaches quickly and eaily to most fork trucks
  • Beveled front edge for better scooping ability
  • The usable fork pockets measure 7 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" high on 24" centers
  • All welded steel construction with durable powder coat finish
HORIZ-70 Horizontal Drum Gripper
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Fork Mounted Horizontal Drum Carrier

As low as: $393.80
- Designed to load and unload open or closed head drums horizontally in racks
- "T" handle locks secure cradle to the forks to maximize safety and productivity
- Drum lock engages and disengages automatically as a function of the fork angle
- Fork pockets measure 7 1 / 2" wide x 2 1 / 2" high usable
Model FPDL-11-H Fork Mounted Poly Drum Handler
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Fork Mounted Poly Drum Handlers

As low as: $605.20
These easy to use plastic drum handlers are designed to handle odd-shaped plastic drums. Includes safety chain and T-locks for securing unit to the fork truck. Durable powder coat finish.

Model FPDL-8-L has adjustable arms that are designed to fit 55-gallon round bottom plastic drums. Low drum attachment point allows for use with both open and closed head drums.

Model FPDL-11-H is a top lip plastic drum lifter for use with 30 and 55-gallon plastic closed head drums. 6 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" high usable fork tubes on 19 1/2" centers. High drum attachment point for use with top lip at least 3/16" high. Will also work with steel and fiber drums.
Model SPB  Fork Mounted Snow Plow Blades
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Fork Mounted Snow Plow Blades

As low as: $5,095.90
  • Designed for use with your fork truck, these Snow Plow Blades are multifunctional to work with your existing equipment
  • No more waiting for daytime snow removal
  • Simply place the snow blade onto your fork truck and away you go
  • Installation is as easy as sliding the forks into the fork pockets and securing them to the fork carriage
  • Prevent damage from obstacles and rough or uneven surfaces with trip springs
  • Easy angling and backgrade capabilities for optimal performance
  • Constructed of 1/4" rollplate with steel rigs
  • The blade edge is 5/8" x 6" hardened steel
  • Counterbalance shipped empty
Model FM-T-DUMP Fork Mounted Trash Can Dumper
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Fork Mounted Trash Can Dumper

As low as: $1,018.40
  • Save time and reduce work-related injuries caused by lifting and dumping heavy waste containers
  • This innovative product will allow a fork truck driver to lift and dump refuse containers weighing up to 1,000 lbs. without ever leaving the seat of the fork truck
  • Secure dumpster to fork truck with safety chain and run cable to the driver's seat.
  • Align trash can with dumper and lock in place
  • Once locked in place, transport trash can to refuse container, align, and pull chain to dump refuse container contents
  • Only for use with 64 gallon trash can (mode TH-64) or an approved equal
  • Fork pockets are 2 1/4" high by 7 1/4" wide usable
  • Steel construction for years of dependable use
CRP Series - Rug & Carpet Ram
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Fork Rug Rams / Carpet Poles

As low as: $692.30
- Transport rolls of carpet with our sturdy Rug Rams / Carpet Poles
- Available in either carriage or fork mounted style
- 2 3/4" diameter high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole has tapered tip
- All units are made of steel construction and painted blue

- Fork Mounted Rug Rams are 7 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" high on 24" centers.
- Safety restraint is included to secure unit to fork truck

- Carriage mounted Rug Rams are available in class II or III mount and feature a spring loaded locking pin to secure them to the carriage
DCR-205-8 & 15 Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotator
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Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators

As low as: $675.80
  • This truck allows you to easily transport and rotate 55-gallon steel drums using a fork truck
  • Drums are held securely in place by a durable chain locking system
  • Each unit is provided with a 15 foot long chain to allow the drum to be rotated 360° from the fork truck operator's seat
  • Fork pockets measure 7 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" high usable.
  • Safety chain is used to secure unit to fork truck
  • Bung Nut Wrench, model BNW-1, is included in this package for opening and closing drums.

NOTE: Drum must be full to rotate at rated capacity

Optional 12v DC powered operation (1,200 lbs. maximum capacity)  Order Code: DC  - Call for Pricing.

Model LM-HP4  Hook Plate
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Fork Truck Hook Plates

As low as: $123.90
  • Hook Plates enable any fork truck to safely lift a load using chains, cables, or slings
  • Features slanted fork openings, measuring 6 1/4" W x 1 3/4" H to prevent the hook plate from being used upside down
  • A hook with anchor shackle is included
Model FORK-J Hydraulic Fork Truck Jack
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Fork Truck Jacks

As low as: $424.00
Manual Hydraulic Fork Truck Jack

- Designed to raise your fork truck for maintenance
- Features high-quality seals, chrome plated internal components, and rugged steel construction
- Maximum lift of 16" provides room needed to perform a variety of repairs
- Manually raised by hand pump lever
- Removable handle and compact size makes it easy to maneuver and transport
- Includes two jack stands with holding pins for adjustable heights

Air Powered Fork Truck Jack

- Air-assist motor quickly raises saddle to lift point and then lifts load to desired height
- Air powered for quick and easy operation
- Uses standard coupler hook-up to a shop air compressor with air regulator control lever handle
- Pressure relief valve is located on top of handle for metered control and load height adjustment

Model LTSD-V Vinyl Seat with Safety Belt
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Fork Truck Seats & Accessories

As low as: $24.60
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seat design helps provide optimum body support for individual operators
  • Replace worn or broken fork truck seats with our easy to install universal mounting design
  • Standard features include: ergonomic seat design, waterfall front on LTSD series, vinyl or cloth material, low profile design, safety seat switch, storage pockets, 8° seat back angle adjustment, adjustable lumbar support and retractable safety belt

Ergo-Turn System
- Smooth pivoting motion enables driver to turn seat 30° left or right of center position. Swivel system can be incorporated with air suspension system for total driver engagement

Air Suspension System - Minimizes harmful vibration to fork truck driver. Reduces fatigue and back pain.

Seat Safety Switch - Prevents fork truck from operating when an operator is not seated

Chrome Hip Restraints - Used in place of arm rests to stabilize and secure the operator in the fork truck seat

Flip Up Arm Rest - Flip up arm rests are movable to alloweasy access on and off fork truck

Model HOOK-BASE  Fork Truck Hook Base
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Hook Base, Tow Balls & Pintle Hooks

As low as: $7.50
  • Convert your fork truck into a tow truck for moving trailers and other portable equipment
  • Simple design slides onto forks and secures into place with safety pins
  • Welded steel construction with powder blue finish
  • Optional pintle hook, tow balls, and lifting hooks available
  • Bolt on design
Spread-2 Material Spreader
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Material Spreaders

As low as: $994.30

Tough thermoplastic hopper spreads material 4 to 20 feet wide. Hitch mount is standard

Spread-2 is a multi-purpose spreader with a welded steel material auger for free flowing material; rock salt, ice melters. Includes a 2" receiver tube, complete wiring and variable speed controller. 12 volt DC motor

Spreader-3 is an accurate flow spreader with precision material gate system for free flowing material; ice melters, fertilizers, seed, insecticides and pellets. Includes 2" receiver, complete wiring, and on / off switch. 12 volt DC motor. 10" steel spinner with steel gate agitator. Adjustable metering gate with positive stop for quick return to original calibration setting.

Model CANOPY-5060   Pallet Canopy
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Pallet Canopy

As low as: $18.80
  • Unload pallets in the rain, snow or sleet
  • The Pallet Canopy will keep your incoming or outgoing products in good condition
  • The all steel roof measures 50" wide x 60" long
  • The clearance between the forks and the canopy is 51"
  • Individual fork width is 6"
  • The canopy slides onto the forks of a fork truck and is secured with a safety restraint
Model PAL-D/R Pallet Dumper / Retainer
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Pallet Dumper / Retainer

As low as: $594.80
  • Dump loaded pallets easily without leaving the seat of your fork truck with the all welded steel constructed Pallet Dumper
  • Unit slides onto forks and is secured by a safety restraint
  • Two retainers hold the pallet in place while dumping the contents into the hopper or dumpster
  • Once the retainers have cleared the opposite end of the pallet, raise the forks and the retainers will hold the pallet on the forks
  • Lift the pallet to the dumping height and rest the pallet on the edge of the dumpster
  • Pull the chain, releasing the fork carriage, allowing the pallet to tilt and dump the load into the hopper or dumpster
  • When finished, simply lower to the ground until the carriage latches
Model WP-4848-FF Work Platform
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Work Platforms

As low as: $487.10
- Convenient fork truck work platforms quickly and safely transport maintenance personnel where they are needed

- Attaches to fork truck by inserting forks into fork pockets and securing platform to fork truck

- Tine lock must be engaged to secure platform to forks

- Lanyard with Harness available. Call for sizing and pricing information.

- 42" high handrail with 21" high mid-rail on three sides

- 60" high expanded metal backing on fourth side (84" high backing to meet California OSHA specifications)

- Includes checker floor plate platform and 36" long strap with hook to attach platform to fork truck

- The usable fork pockets are 7 3/4" W x 3 3/8" H in rear and 7 3/4" W x 1 7/8" H in front

- Capacity is 1,000 lbs.

- Welded steel construction

- Powder coat blue finish

- The Full Featured units (FF) include an Emergency Stop Button Kit and Web Lanyard with Safety Harness


Model WP-CA - 4" x 1 1/4" Poly Casters allow you to move the unit without a fork truck

Model WP-SB - Emergency Stop Button Kit allows the operator to shut off fork truck power from the work platform. Works with both electric and gas fork trucks.

Model WP-TC - Flourescent Tube Caddy holds flourescent light bulbs and other maintenance equipment.

Model WP-TT Sliding Tool Tray is available in 36" and 48" wide models. Holds maintenance tools.

Model WP-AFR - Automatic Fold Down Ramp allows you to roll tool boxes on and off the Work Platform. Ramp automatically rises when the unit is lifted off the ground and lowers when work platform is lowered.