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Floor Locks

Adjustable Height Floor Lock
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Floor Locks

As low as: $35.30
Adjustable Height Floor Locks

Unique floor lock includes an adjustable height foot pad that will work on carts with different caster heights. The adjustable height feature provides uniform locking and safety unlocking force for better ergonomic operation. This feature also keeps the floor lock working properly as spring and pads wear over time. Height is adjustable by turning the bottom pad. This unit has a bright zinc plated finish with heavy-duty cast steel construction. The bottom pad includes suction-cups for extra grip.

Low Profile Floor Lock

The lowest profile floor lock available. Features adjustable-height pad for precision and wearability, simply bolt to bottom of cart. Foot operated.

General Purpose Floor Locks

Floor locks may be used on platform trucks, fixture dollies, or equipment with casters. Simple foot pressure immoblizes equipment. Locks when large friction face is pressed against the floor. To release simply kick release rod. Brake is independent of casters and can be installed to any convenient location on the cart.

The Side Mounted Floor Lock (FL-LK-SMR) automatically locks when operator pushes the pedal down. The spring loaded pad accommodates uneven floors. Units mount with pad 1 1/2" off the floor when retracted. Vertical mounting plate designed to mount to sides of carts and other portable products.