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Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Leveler
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Edge of Dock Leveler

As low as: $929.00
  • Deck and lip plate material is 55,000 lb. minimum yield safety tread plate
  • Totally enclosed hinge pin supported by hinge tubes with grease fittings
  • Long-lasting, adjustable torsion spring to give the precise amount of support for the placement of the leveler
  • Full 5" above and 5" below dock working range
  • Two molded rubber bumpers on steel bump blocks are standard
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • 17" lip for refrigerated applications available on special order

NOTE: Also available with hot dipped, galvanized finish. These models have a zinc coating that bonds with the metal. This creates a barrier that is part of the metal and significantly extends the life of the unit. Zinc is a healthy metal and completely recyclable.  Ideal for coastal areas, food service industries, and chemical / pharmaceutical-type environments.