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Model HBD Hydraulic Box Dumper
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Box Dumper - Electric Hydraulic

As low as: $5,854.80
  • Designed for controlled dumping of material from boxes, crates and other types of containers
  • Lowered height of only 3/8" allows for pallet truck loading and unloading
  • Retaining bar for use with 24", 30" and 36" high containers. Other hold-down bar heights available upon request
  • Maximum rotation is 135°
  • Chute reach is 10" when fully rotated
  • Internal 2HP power unit  and hand-held control standard (5HP power unit on 6,000 lbs. models)
  • Protective mesh side screens included
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Optional Foot Control Available
Hydraulic Drum Dumper HDD Series
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Drum Dumper - Hydraulic

As low as: $3,379.20
- Lifts drums up to 1,500 lbs.
- Works with 30 and 55-gallon plastic, steel and fiber drums
- Standard solid steel chute
- Portable units have two rigid and two swivel casters with floor lock screws.
- All steel construction

- Standard features:
  - 56 frame
  - 3/4 hp motor, 120 volt single phase, 60hz. with 8 foot cord and plug
  - Upper travel limit switch, emergency brass safety velocity fuse in cylinder
  - Vertical adjustment drum restraints
  - Chute is rotated with a hand-held control on an 8 foot coiled cord

- Stainless Steel upgrade is constructed with type 304 Stainless Steel in a Mill Finish
- Chute and base plate are stainless steel
- Chute is painted with "Steel-It" coating on back of chute
- Adjustable height clamps are stainless steel
- Frame is enamel painted
- Call for specs and pricing!
Hydraulic Lift and Dump Drum Dumper
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Drum Dumper - Hydraulic Lift and Dump

As low as: $9,073.80

Lift and Dump Hydraulic Drum Dumper

-Dumps drums weighing up to 1,500 lbs.
- Works with 30 and 55 gallon drums
- All steel construction including chute chute
- Portable units have two rigid and two swivel casters with floor locks

- Standard features include:
   - 56" frame
   - 3/4 HP motor
   - 120v single phase / 60HZ with an 8 foot  long power cord and plug
   - Upper travel limit switch
   - Emergency brass safety velocity fuse in cylinders
   - Vertical adjustment drum restraints

- Dumps drums at variable heights and angles through the additon of an second cylinder (vs. a similar manual drum dumper)

Portable Drum Dumper
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Drum Dumper - Portable

As low as: $4,700.00

-750 / 1,000 / 2,000 lbs.

Dump Heights:

-36", 48", 60"

Platform Size:
-24" x 24"


-Velocity fuse (in case of hose failure it will stop unit from coming down)
-Down flow control built into power pack
-Heavy duty floor lock


-A/C 110 volt 1/60


-Semi-Circular back plate (24" diameter)
-8" dia. x 2" wide casters
-Covered power pack
-Adjustable retaining bar

Options: (Call for Pricing)
-Increase/Decrease backplate, dump height, tilt angle
-Chute attachments, fixed retaining bars, stainless steel, limit switches

Model JMD - Multi-Purpose Tote Dumper
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Multi-Purpose Tote Dumpers

As low as: $4,592.50
  • Collect, transport and dump materials while saving time and reducing work related injuries
  • Ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial applications
  • One person can easily and safely empty loads weighing up to 600 pounds
  • To use, roll the tote into dumper, secure tote in place and depress the 24V hand control
  • The tote will rotate over 135° to dump contents, dump time is approximately 25 seconds
  • Standard features: (2) 8" x 2" phenolic front wheels, (2) 8" x 3" phenolic rear casters, floor lock, 1 1/2 HP, 115V industrial motor, hand pendant control on 8 foot coil cord and (1) MPT-2 polyethylene tote