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DC-550 Drum Controller Cart
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Cart - Drum Controller

As low as: $562.50
- Transport 55-gallon steel drums from work area to work area with this heavy-duty Drum Controller
- This unit lifts drums off the ground 2 1/4" with minimal effort (all this is done without snaps or ratchet)
- To lift drums, center the arms around the drum below the upper rib then pull the handle down
- Inside straddle width is 25"
- Unit rolls smoothly on 8" x 2" phenolic casters
- Steel construction
WES-240040 Square Specialty Dolly
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Dolly - Drum from Wesco

As low as: $123.40
  • Better load stability design
  • Superior design places drum chime over caster kingpin for greater load stability and long caster life
  • All welded steel frame construction with reinforced outriggers
  • Four bolt on 3" swivel casters
  •  I.D. varies among models
  • Models available for 30, 55 and 85 gallon drums
  • All overall dimensions are stated for an assembled unit
Multi-Purpose Drum & Hand Truck
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Drum & Hand Truck - Multi-Purpose

As low as: $471.80
Multi-Purpose Drum & Hand Truck

- Serves as a drum truck, drum cradle and a hand truck!
- Extra-long handles give leverage for access to drums on pallets
- Unit lies horizontally for use as a drum cradle to empty drum contents
- Steel nose plate and drum tines are interchangeable
- Features large 16" diameter full-pneumatic wheels for use over rough terrain
- Includes built-in bung nut wrench
- Ships fully assembled ready for immedate use
DBT-1200-P - Drum / Barrel Truck
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Drum / Barrel Truck

As low as: $132.30
Barrel / Drum Truck

- Handles 30 and 55 gallon steel and fiber drums that are 24" to 48" high
- Adjustable chime hook helps to secure the drum
- Wheels measure 12" x 2" and available in two types
Model 240124 - Manual Aluminum Drum Truck
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Drum Truck - Aluminum

As low as: $1,491.40
Two Types - Manual and Automatic!

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 26"
Height: 60"
Depth: 21"

Manual Aluminum Drum Truck

- Spring loaded chime hook automatically engages drum SCH standard; LCH special
- Wheel brake bands activated by hand lever
- Nose prongs reversible for use with 30 and 55 gallon drums
- Two wheel choices
   - 10" Moldon Rubber on Aluminum Hub - #055684
   - 12" Pneumatic Steel Hub - #108484

Drum Cart Cradle
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Drum Truck / Cradle - Multi-Purpose

As low as: $382.50
Multi-Purpose Drum Truck / Cradle

- One of the most versatile drum trucks in the industry!
- Innovative product allws the operator to easily tip back the truck in order to transort drums ergonomically on four wheels
- Unit doubles as a drum cradle for storage and dispensing all in one
- Top angle is 3 degrees when used as a drum cradle
- This unique design also allows the operator to place drums and retrieve off of a pallet
- Accommodates 55-gallon steel, plastic, or fiber drums
- Rolls smoothly on (2) 8" x 2", and (4) 6" x 2" wheels
- Standard with a wheeled undercarriage that positions the drum horizontally for drainage and storage
- The drum height is 14 3/4" high and a drip pan is available
- An integral self-storing bun wrench is included. This attractive feature not only opens drums but keeps the drum snug on the truck.
- A convenient kickstand allows for upright storage.
- Powder coat finish

Optional Drip Pan - Call for pricing

RDC - 1000 - DPN
   Ship Weight 2 lbs.
Deluxe Tilt Back Drum Truck
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Drum Truck - Deluxe Tilt Back

As low as: $255.30
Deluxe Tilt Back Drum Truck

- Move, tilt and unload heavy 30 or 55-gallon steel drums with ease
- A foot rest helps in loading and supports a loaded drum truck
- Rolls easily and quietly on 10" x 2" poly-on-steel wheels
- Deluxe chime gripper for quick and easy drum transporation
Drum Truck with Spring Assist
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Drum Truck with Spring Assist

As low as: $306.50
Drum Truck with Spring Assist

- Hand truck designed for moving 55-gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums
- Special design features spring mechanism for easy use
- Spring allows for easier tilting of fully-loaded drums
- Removable hook bar includes built-in bung nut wrenches
- Steel construction with powder coat yellow finish
- 10" x 2" wheels are standard
DRUM-55S - Portable Drum Truck
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Portable Drum Trucks

As low as: $777.40
Portable Drum Trucks

These Drum Trucks are the perfect solution to any of your drum transporting needs. Compact design allows for maximum maneuverability in restrictive areas. All steel construction.

Model DRUM-55-36 accepts both 30 and 55-gallon plastic, steel, and fiber drums with a top lip. The front rigid wheels are 6" x 2", while the rear swivel casters are 3" x 1 1/2".

Model DRUM-55FP has an adjustable beak design which allows it to grab 30 and 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums. Drums can easily be placed on or removed from pallets, spill containers, and scales. Available with built-in scale feature (see chart).

Model DRUM-55S has a unique grapple to hold 55-gallon drums securely into the steel saddle prior to lifting it vertically. The drum is held in this position during transit, enabling open drums to be handled without spillage.

Model DRUM-SCLG & DRUM-SCLF have a scale readout built into the Drum Truck model DRUM-55FP. The scale allows the drum to be weighed and moved all with the same piece of equipment. The scale features a capacity of 1,000 lbs. with an accuracy of  +/-.5 lbs. 12V DC operation with battery and charger included. Stainless steel scale components. NEMA 4 scale read-out swivels 360 degrees for maximum viewing convenience.