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Dock Bumpers & Chocks

Model DBE-20-1 Hardened Molded Bumper
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Bumper - Hardened Molded

As low as: $20.20
- High impact resistant
- Immune to all weather conditions
- Pre-drilled bumpers are constructed of fiber reinforced rubber containing nylon and polyester
- Steel reinforcement rings are molded into each bumper for installation
- Uses 3/4" anchor bolts
- Hardware kits sold separately - Call for pricing
Type "C" Angle Flat Dock Bumper
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Bumper - Laminated

As low as: $38.30
- Laminated style dock bumpers provide durable, economical protection for your loading dock and trailers
- Units are constructed of fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires
- Pads are laminated between painted structural angles and held together with 3/4" steel tie rods
- Installation is quick and easy by bolting or welding units to the dock
- Width is bolt hole center to bolt hole center
- Bolt holes are 13/16" in diameter
- Installation hardware available separately
- Hardware pack required is AS-344 (3/4" x 4" concrete anchor bolts). Call for pricing

*Dimensions Reflect Rubber Portion Only (Noted in pricing template with an asterisk)
Type "B" Dock Bumper
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Bumper - Specialty Molded

As low as: $26.70
- Manufactured from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester
- Built to endure years of abusive pounding
- All units have pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes for easy installation
- Units are drilled to accept 3/4" anchor bolts
- Plastic face bumper, Model B-1213-4PF, features two piece construction fully assembled and ready for installation
Model TB-10 Trailer Crane Bumper
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Bumper - Trailer Crane

As low as: $24.90
- Resist abrasion, wear and corrision
- Impervious to weather damage
- Manufactured from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester
- All models have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes for easy installation
- Bolt hole diameter is 1/2" with the exception of model TB-90 at 3/4"
- Installation hardware sold separately
Series BS - Extruded Bumper Stops
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Bumper Stop - Extruded

As low as: $23.30
- Protect vehicles in parking lots and trucks at docks
- Use vertically or horizontally
- Ideal for building or machinery protection
- Bumper Stops are excellent for protecting vehicles when parking places are located near building walls
- Made of strong, durable, high impact resistant solid rubber
- Easy installation
- Accepts a 3/8" flathead anchor bolt.
- Installation hardware kit offered separately - Call for pricing
Model RBW Industrial Rubber Wedge
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Wedges - Industrial Rubber

As low as: $7.90
  • Excellent safety when stacking cylindrical objects
  • Extruded rubber wedges offer several advantages over wooden blocks or other forms of wedges: its resilience avoids creasing or wrinkling paper as well as scratching or marring surfaces; it increases its grip as weight is increased
Model OH-15 Chain & Hanger
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Wheel Chock Accessories

As low as: $9.50

Chain and Hangers -  Discourage theft and misplacement of wheel chocks, and facilitate safety in the dock area. 15 foot chain attaches to the hanger. Hanger is then secured to the dock wall. Chain is fastened to the chock with a locking pin.

Ergo-Handle - Ergonomically designed to make it easy to move wheel chocks in and out of position under trailer wheels. Reduce the risk of back, knee and foot injuries. Factory installed only. Yellow powder coat finish. Not recommended with Urethane Wheel Chocks.

Wheel Chock Warning Signs -
Warn truck drivers and dock workers to chock their wheels as required by law.  Weather resistant. Bright red lettering provides high visibility. Sign has four mounting holes. Reflective sign is great for docks open at dawn and dusk. Signs and Vinyl Sticker measure 11 3/4" W x 9 3/4" H.

Type "A" Model EALUM-7  Chock
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Wheel Chocks - Aluminum

As low as: $42.50
  • Lightweight and easy to handle extruded aluminum chocks
  • Also available with a 36" high handle and / or sign
  • Dimensions stated are for the chock and do not include the handle or sign
Type "A" Model LWC-15 Rubber Chock
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Wheel Chocks - Rubber

As low as: $17.80
- Constructed of reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface
- Curved surface contours to fit tires
- Rubber resists tearing, abrasion, ozone weathering, etc.
- Functional design is durable in all weather conditions
- The Airline Chock is suitable for small and large aircraft
- The Airline Chock includes a 36" polypropylene rope with handle and reflectors connected to chocks
Type "A" Model FAB-8 Welded Steel Chock
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Wheel Chocks - Steel

As low as: $33.50
  • Textured treadplate to provide maximum traction
  • Open face radius allows chock to be used with any size tire
  • Chain included
  • Formed chock utilizes a saw tooth bottom for traction
  • Features grip slot for easy pick up and positioning
  • Slope design contours to wheel truck
  • Rugged all welded construction
  • Works in mud, sand or concrete
Model FRC-2 Chock with Adjustable Leg
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Wheel Chocks - Steel Rail

As low as: $57.50
  • Rail Chocks fit most standard size rails
  • Double sided flanges keep chocks on track
  • Hardened steel spurs, located on the bottom side of the chock, are used to maximize a positive grip
  • Handle projection 36" on flag chocks, 10" on non-flag chocks
  • Handle height is 14"
  • The adjustable support legs are used to balance the Flag Rail Chocks
  • The aluminum "Chock Your Wheels" sign is visible from both sides
  • Chain length is 30" on combo units
  • Steel construction
Model URWC  Urethane Wheel Chock
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Wheel Chocks- Urethane

As low as: $23.00
  • Bright orange for greater visibility
  • Incoming and outgoing drivers can easily see chock for added safety
  • Safety tread on chock face provides better grip and reduces slippage
  • Molded-in hole through width of chock for attaching security chain and hanger, sold separately