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Cart & Dolly Wheels

Model CF - No Flat - Cellular Foam Wheel
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Cart & Dolly Wheels

As low as: $3.60
A variety of sizes and types of wheels for your industrial dollies and carts:

Model            Description

CF                  Cellular Foam Wheel / Microcellular Polyurethane - Will not go flat!

Z2                   Solid Rubber Wheel

Z                     Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

P                     Pneumatic Wheels

R                     Aluminum Center Moldon Rubber Wheels

R3                   Typical Aluminum Center Moldon Wheel

BC                  Balloon Cushion Wheels

H                     Cast Iron Center Moldon Rubber Wheels

R2                   Polyolefin Center Moldon Rubber Whee

C                     Solid Polyolefin Wheels

PR                   Phenolic Resin Wheels


Pneumatic Wheel 151507 - The actual tread face is wider than the indicated tread width

Balloon Custion Wheel 150229 is a non-marking wheel