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Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel
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Carousel - Heavy-Duty King Pin

As low as: $1,158.90
Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel

- All of the ergonomic benefits of the standard carousel with a top plate and stabilizing center pin
- Unit will handle a wider variety of loads
- Features include 1/4" tread plate top on 4,000 lbs and 3/8" tread plate on 6,000 lbs. models
- Also includes a heavy-duty maintenance free bearing
- The king pin design allows off sett loading up to 50% of the capacity on at least 50% of the deck
- Standard top plates are square with rounded corners
- Call us for custom size requirements
Carousel - Low Profile Powered
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Carousel - Low Profile Powered

As low as: $3,375.40
- Features a heavy-duty steel non-skid treadplate platform 48" in diameter
- 4,000 lbs. capacity
- 2 3/8" tall; easily accessible with a fork truck
- Optional approach ramp is required for pallet truck use (two sizes available)
- Foot control operation with a variable speed control, cushion start & stop and a rugged 3/4 HP motor with drive belt is standard
-Wall plug standard 115V/single phase/20 amp
- Manual Air Bearing Carousel is also available

CA-40 - Carousel
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Carousel - Manual

As low as: $247.00
Manual Carousel

- Rotates materials 360° with the assistance of an operator
- Now unloading and unloading operations can be done more efficiently; minimizes fatigue and risk of back injury
- Carousel may be added to an existing work bench, scissor table, or simply placed on a floor
- Constructed of rolled structural angle (3/16" thick)
- A series of roller bearings transfer the load smoothly and evenly to the supporting surface
- Four guide rollers keep the rings aligned

NOTE:  The photo of the table shows the optional 1/4" thick top plate 48" W x 48" L along with the optional hand operated locking detent.

*Custom sizes available
Pallet Truck Carousel
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Carousel - Pallet Truck

As low as: $1,107.80
Low Profile is ideal for use with pallet trucks

- Ideal for areas with a small work space where pallet trucks are used
- The "Thin Spin" low-profile carousel is ideal for loading and unloading pallet applications
- The deck is 7/8" high
- Effective ramping length is 4 3/8"
- The slope is 11°
- Safety detent lock restricts carousel rotation when not in use
- Units require a starting force of 35 lbs. and a maintaining force of 25 lbs.
STPC-CD - Powered Carousel
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Carousel - Powered - Stand Alone

As low as: $4,647.00
- Easily rotate pallets, skids and other large objects with these rugged powered carousels
- Includes a 48" diameter round treadplate turntable
- Turntable is supported with inverted casters for use as bearings
- Units are complete with turntable, base, 115V single-phase power unit, and variable-speed control (electric / hydraulic unit has fixed speed control)
- Turntable is operated with a foot control
- Heavy-duty steel construction with painted finish