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Build-A-Rail Stackable Units
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Build-A-Rail - HANDLE-IT Brand

As low as: $131.00
  • Guard rails that are heavy duty, customizable and easily assembled to protect property from damage due to forklift impact.
  • Build rail systems one, two or three rails high by just stacking rail units one on top of the other. Available in 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot lengths. May be coupled together to make sizable runs.
  • Make 90 degree corners by connecting two rail systems together with a corner coupler.
  • Call us toll free at (866)-628-0900 to talk to our experienced personnel for assistance in guard rail design

          **Suggested 3/4" anchoring wedge bolts not included**

**Picture illustrates stacking capabilities of individual rails with optional base units.. Rails and base units are sold separately**

Single Stack Build-A-Rail
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Build-A-Rail - Single Stack Only

As low as: $69.00

Single Build-A-Rail guardrails are NOT stackable with another Build-A-Rail unit. Units can be mounted on a standard base for single rail height or with an optional post extension to achieve double rail height.

·         Standard base mounting brings top rail height to 20”

·         Optional 12” post extension may be used in addition to a standard post to increase the top rail height to 22”

·         Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10’ sections

·         Only guardrails are blemished.

o   Optional base, extension and connectors are first quality.

·         No returns allowed on single stack guardrail product.

**Anchoring hardware not included**