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Booms, Hoists, Lifters & Trollies

Model SBM-25 Adjustable Spreader Beams
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Adjustable Spreader Beams

As low as: $555.80

- Lift uneven loads and keep them level with increased safety
- The Spreader Beam width ranges from 8" to 72" in 4" increments
- Center clevis can be adjusted in 4" increments
- Clevis slides between two 5" channels
- Meets ASME B30.20-1993 standard
Model ACH Air Chain Hoist
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Air Chain Hoists

As low as: $5,020.80
  • Heavy-Duty air chain hoist can be used as a workstation hoist or as a production line hoist
  • Lightweight, rugged, and compact design - for ease of portability - makes this hoist perfect for most air hoist lifting applications
  • Standard lift is 10 feet assuming 90 PSI air pressure
  • Variable flow, two lever pendant for precise load spotting
Model EHN-40-C-AH Hydraulic Shop Crane
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Air / Hand Pump Hydraulic Shop Crane

As low as: $517.90
  • Our Air / Hand Pump Hydraulic Shop Crane allows one person to not only maneuver product from one location to another, but lift the product effortlessly with assistance of everyday factory air
  • In remote areas where your air line does not reach you can lift your product with the hand pump hydraulic option
  • Air raises unit 7" to 8" per second while hand pump raises units 1/2" per stroke
  • Units roll smoothly on 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" cast steel casters
  • The innovative hoist offers heavy-duty lifting power, while optimizing space when in the folded position
  • Standard features: foldable legs, adjustable boom, swivel hook and steel construction
Model BC  Beam Clamp
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Beam Clamps

As low as: $61.50
  • Designed to reduce the I-beam flange stress by distributing loads away from the flange edges during overhead lifting applications
  • These versatile units can be interchanged from one gantry to another in a matter of seconds with its easy mechanical adjustment mechanism
  • A bar is located  at the bottom of the beam clamp for attaching a hoist (sold separately)
  • Steel construction and painted finish
Model HDP-CL  - Coil Lifter
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Coil Lifter

As low as: $1,258.40
  • This hoist mounted Coil Lifter has adjustable balance points to accomodate different sized coils
  • Coils can be up to 90° in diameter and weigh as much as 1,500 lbs.
  • The top adjusting ball allows the operator to ensure level transporation of load
  • Coil lifter is compact for easy storage
  • Steel construction
  • Painted finish
  • Lifting ring and hoist sold separately
Model CBFC - Counter Balanced Floor Crane
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Counter Balanced Floor Cranes

As low as: $2,937.60
  • The Counter Balanced Floor Crane has an adjustable boom to allow for maximum adjustment and versatility to lift a variety of loads
  • Boom is raised with a manual hydraulic hand pump
  • Boom also telescopes out for greater reach
  • The counterbalance design eliminates the need for front legs
  • This makes the unit easier to maneuver and allows the crane to reach tight, hard to reach areas
  • Counterbalance included
  • Welded steel construction
Model SC - Crane Scales
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Crane Scales

As low as: $732.00

- Accuracy, qualty, durability and affordability are key attributes of the Crane Series
- Our digital hanging scales offer fast and reliable service weighing in a compact and durable housing
- Designed to withstand the most aggressive and heavy duty industrial lifting applications
- Features: hook and shackle, rechargeable 6V battery, AC/DC power adapter, automatic shutoff and convertible gross / net weight display
- Accuracy is + / - 1%.

- Ask for a quote on units with remote, double side display, low temp and high temp capabilties
WES-273195 Crane Scale
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Crane Scales - Wesco

As low as: $569.00
- AC/DC power adapter with 6 volt rechargeable battery
- External charger included
- Able to weigh loads while lifting
- Gross or net weight LCD display shows weight in lbs. or kgs.
- Comes complete with shackle and hood with safety clip
- Remote control included
- 10%+ overcapacity warning indicated
- Battery status indicator
Model OLA - Deluxe Overhead Load Lifter
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Deluxe Overhead Load Lifters

As low as: $1,729.20
  • The Deluxe Overhead Load Lifter  is designed for lifting and moving pallets, skids, and creates with an overhead lifting crane
  • Includes an adjustable bail for keeping the load level when moving
  • Includes three height positions for use with different sized loads
  • Series OLA features adjustable-width forks
  • Series OLF features fixed-width forks
  • Usable fork length is 42" on all units
  • Welded steel construction
  • Painted finish
Model H - Economy Chain Hoist with Chain Container
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Economy Chain Hoist with Chain Container

As low as: $1,653.20
  • Compact hoist features a high efficiency motor with convenient 24V push-button operation
  • Single or three phase power available
  • Unit is dust and water resistant, load limit fitted, and featurea a 4:1 safety factor
  • Chain container included
Model ECH-10-1PH Electric Chain Hoists
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Electric Chain Hoists

As low as: $1,863.80
  • Ruggedly built with power to handle most industrial lifting applications
  • Standard with push-button control with up and down controls
  • Single and three phase power available
  • Optional Chain Container stores surplus chain overhead to keep from interfering with operation
Model ELH Economy Lever Hoists
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Economy Lever Hoists (Weston brake)

As low as: $103.60
  • Completely enclosed Weston-type brake
  • Deformation indicators on throat opening of both hooks
  • Drop forged hooks have durable latches and swivel 360 degrees
  • Written test certificate for 150% of rated capacity with individual serial numbers
  • Free wheeling chain in neutral position to quickly take up chain slack
  • Allow steel chain grade 80
  • Includes a rugged storage bag.
  • One year warranty
Model E-MT  Plain Eye Manual Trolley
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Eye Manual Trollies

As low as: $97.50
  • Designed to quickly install on virtually any S type I-beam
  • The width of the trolley is adjusted by rotating the center rod with lifting eye clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Once hoist (sold separately) is attached, center rod cannot be rotated which prevents trolley width from accidentally changing
  • Choose either plain trolley or geared trolley
  • Geared trolley is ideal for use when precise positioning of the trolley is required
  • The trolley includes four rollers with sealed bearings for long life
  • A lifting eye is located a the bottom of the trolley for attaching a hoist (sold separately)
  • Steel construction and painted finish
Model HDLL-15 Heavy Duty Load Lifter
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Heavy Duty Load Lifter

As low as: $57.50

-Designed for lifting uneven awkward sized loads
-Adjust bail position left or right by turning hand crank
-Includes chains for connecting to load (connector links and hooks are not included)
-For use with overhead lifting device (sold separately)
-Steel construction with painted finish
-Spread is 20" wide from center to center of bars
Model SBM - Economy Spreader Beam
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Economy Spreader Beams

As low as: $460.50
  • These versatile lifters are ideal for lifting a variety of loads where headroom is limited
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI B30.20 standards
  • Two safety swivel hooks and durable powder coat finish
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
Model CABLE-P4  2 Speed Cable Puller
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Galvanized Two-Speed Cable Puller

As low as: $39.50
  • Great for use in horizontal pulling applications such as positioning equipment, stringing lines,  and emergencies
  • Can be used in both single and double-line pulling applications
  • Handle ratchets to take up cable
  • When handle is rotated all the way back, the cable reel will free-wheel
  • Handle length is 30"
  • Minimum headroom is 24"
  • Single-line cable length is 1/4" x 120" (cable length is 60" when used as double-line)
  • Not for use in vertical lifting applications
Model HCH Hand Chain Hoist
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Hand Chain Hoists

As low as: $107.60
  • Portable, lightweight hoists are durable and easy to operate
  • Compact design and low headroom allow installation in confined areas
  • Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self adjusting disc brake standard
  • Designed with a safety factor 4 times the rated capacity
  • Individually tested at 150% of the rated capacity
  • Features grade 80 black chain temptered to ISO 3077, galvanized pull chain, hardened two-stage gears, and forged steel upper and lower hooks with safety latches
  • Constructed of high quality steel components ideal for industrial applications
  • Meets ANSI B30, 16-2003 requirements
  • One year warranty
WES-272163 Wesco Chain Hoist
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Hand Chain Hoists - Wesco

As low as: $184.40
  • High quality, economical hoists in capacities to 5 ton
  • Available in 10 and 20 foot lifts
  • Hardened load chain for long life
  • Low headroom for easy installation in tight areas
  • Lubrication free load brake for positive load control
  • Swivel hooks with latches on all sides
  • Portable for easy use in a wide range of applications
Model BT - Heavy-Duty Beam Tongs
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Heavy-Duty Beam Tongs

As low as: $264.60
  • Designed for lifting I-beams with an overhead lifting device
  • The heavier the load the stronger the grip
  • Includes lifting ring for easy use with overhead hoist
  • Loads need to be centered and guided during lifting operation
  • Manufactured to ASME B30.20 standards
Model DLT HD Die Lifting Tongs
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Heavy-Duty Die Lifting Tongs

As low as: $824.00
  • Designed for lifting dies with overhead lifting devices
  • Includes lifting ring for easy use with overhead hoist
  • Manufactured to ASME B30.20 standards
Mode PG Heavy-Duty Pipe Grabs
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Heavy-Duty Pipe Grabs

As low as: $251.30
  • Designed for lifting pipe (cast iron or steel) with overhead lifting device
  • Automatic operation allows for easy use
  • Loads must be centered and guided during lifting operation
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with painted finish
Model ECH-ED-10-1PH
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High Speed Electric Chain Hoist

As low as: $4,609.60
  • High speed single phase electric chain hoist offers the ability to lift heavy loads with ease and precision
  • Light, compact, and powerful, this hoist can be easily installed, transported and offers high lifting speed
  • Features include double braking system for added protection, heavy-duty motor for industrial applications, high performance friction clutch to prevent overwinding and corrision-resistant nickel-plated load chain
  • Standard with chain container
Model HLM-5 Hoist Magnet
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Hoist Magnets

As low as: $419.00

- Hoist Magnets are a great way for lifting spilled materials; nails, steel slivers
- The magnet can be activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever
- Standard features include stainless steel case and forged eyebolts
- Units are lightweight and easy to use

NOTE: Capacity is rated on 1/4" material thickness
Model H-TRAIL - Hoist Trailer
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Hoist On A Trailer

As low as: $1,620.30
  • Unique hoist may be towed behind a car or truck to job site and then used for hundreds of applications
  • Includes a class 2 ball coupler and safety chains for use with most common hitches
  • Features (2) large 18" diameter pneumatic wheels, (2) swivel casters 4" x 2" in rear, (2) rigid 5" x 2" in front and swivel clevis hook with safety latch at the end of the boom
  • Telescoping lift arm and legs and a removable jack handle standard
  • Welded steel construction with painted finish


Model HPC Horizontal Plate Clamps
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Horizontal Plate Clamps

As low as: $137.10
  • Designed for lifting plate material in horizontal position
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for years of reliable use
  • Meets ASME B30.20 specifications
Model LM-1T  Lift Master One Boom
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Lift Master Booms

As low as: $627.50
  • Unique performance, convenience and safety features are built into every Lift Master™ boom
  • Fabricated from structural steel with welding to meet AWS creates a rugged and durable boom that will provide long-term service
  • Telescopic units extend to 144" and come with an infinitely adjustable locking screw (except orbit booms which features a spring loaded detent)
  • Fork pockets for 4,000 pound capacity measure 7 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H usable on 24" centers
  • Usable fork pockets are 7 1/4" W x 2 1/2" H for 6,000 and 8,000 pound capacity option
  • A 36" safety restraint secures the boom to the fork truck for safe operation
  • Each unit includes two lifting hooks

  Larger fork pockets (Model LM-FP) are available with inside dimensions of 8 1/4" W x 4 1/4" H. Call for pricing.

Model CP - Long Reach Cable Pullers / Lifters
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Long Reach Cable Pullers / Lifters

As low as: $247.10
  • Ideal for applications requiring pulling over long distances
  • Pull up to 60 feet without hooking and resetting as required when using conventional lever or hand chain hoists
  • Works great for pulling horizontally.
  • Meets CSIR for use in the mining industry
  • Not for use in vertical lifting applications


Model ECH-50M-6-1PH Manipulator Style Chain Hoist
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Manipulator Style Control Electric Chain Hoist

As low as: $4,872.90
  • Engineered for maximum operator comfort and control
  • Features inline hand grip which allows one handed operation and gives the operator a free hand to easily position the load
  • Easy touch rocker switch above hand grip allows quick selection between low and high speed control
  • A wide range of adjustable speeds and single phase power make this hoist the perfect solution for many difficult product handling problems
  • Lightweight and compact die cast aluminum body
  • Standard 6 foot of lift with chain container
Model MINI - Mini Cable Hoists
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Mini Cable Hoists

As low as: $190.90
  • Designed for lifting loads up to 400 lbs.
  • Can be used in both single-line and double-line lifting applications
  • Cable length is 36' when used as a single-line - - 18' when used as a double-line
  • Includes electric motor with hand-held pendant control
  • Motor  is 115V AC power
  • Optional Swivel Hook must be ordered for attaching hoist to a trolley (trolley not included)
Model PJ-LIFT Pallet Truck Hoist
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Pallet Truck Hoist

As low as: $519.90
  • The Pallet Truck Hoist is an affordable and practical alternative for lifting and lowering loads to and from elevated work stations
  • It provides workers with a mobile lifting jib that quickly secures to a standard 27" x 48" pallet truck
  • Fork pockets measure 7 3/4" x 2 3/4" ID
  • Once installed, the pallet truck can still be used with most pallets and skids allowing for transport of heavy pallet loads while retaining the ability to lift and lower loads to and from the pallet
  • It uses a clutchless cable winch with 80" of cable (88" with hook and shackle) for easy lifting and lowering
  • Steel construction with water-based enamel coat
Model CH - Overhead Coil Hook
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Overhead Coil Hooks

As low as: $690.20
  • Designed for lifting heavy coils with an overhead lifting device
  • Easily position coils from horizontal to vertical position
  • Steel construction with painted finish
Model HDP  - Pallet Lifter
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Pallet Lifters

As low as: $1,511.90
  • These solid steel constructed lifters contain tapered forks to allow easy access under pallets
  • Main support contains handles to allow personnel to position the unit
  • Large square head serves as a counterweight to keep the unit level without a load
  •  Meets ASME B30.20 Standard 1993
  • Painted finish
Model SL - F Polyester Lifting Slings - Double Ply
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Polyester Lifting Strings

As low as: $16.30
  • For medium to heavy-duty lifting, these double-ply lifting slings are the practical, economical answer to many lifting problems
  • TYPE III style, with fabric ends, has flat tapered eyes at both ends and can be used for all hitch types
  • Double capacity when used basket-style
  • Reduce capacity 20% when used chocker-style
  • These slings meet DIN-EN 1492-1, ANSI standard B30.9 and OSHA requirements
Model P-JIB Portable Cantilever Hoist
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Portable Cantilever Hoists

As low as: $784.60
  • Swivel Crane for side loading
  • Outriggers to increase stability
  • Double acting manual hydraulic hand pump
  • Controlled lowering
  • Adjustable swing outriggers with leveling
  • Jacks to stabilize unit to front or side
  • Expedited & increase cable down reach
  • Customer supplied ballast or optional factory supplied ballast available


Capacity at        Model P-JIB-2  (lbs.)     Model P-JIB-4  (lbs.)
Arm Length

27"                                             2,000                                 4,000
34"                                             1,600                                 3,200   
41"                                             1,300                                 2,600
48"                                             1,100                                 2,200

Lift Arm Projections:
Beyond Frame: 48"
Outriggers:  40"
Casters: 8" Phenolic

Model LPC Positive Locking Plate Clamp
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Positive Locking Plate Clamps

As low as: $302.60
  • Grips sheet until relese ring is pulled
  • Serrated gripper is hardened tool steel
  • Forged head and gear
  • Safety factor is 2 to 1
  • Powder coated finish
  • Designed to meet ASME B30.20 standards
Model PLH - Professional Lever Hoists
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Professional Lever Hoists (Disc Brake)

As low as: $199.00
  • 50% wider hardened ratchet gear
  • Grade 100 alloy chain for more strength with less weight
  • Chain guide system allows for horizontal operation
  • High impact resistant gear case and brake cover
  • Precision bearings
  • Disc brake
  • Braking capacity is 4 times rated capacity
  • Manufactured to ISO-9002 quality standard
  • Triple chain guide for consistent up and down FREE WHEELING with one hand
  • Five year warranty!
  • Additional units are available. Model BAG-12. Call for pricing.
Model QIT-1 Quick Install Manual Trollies
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Quick Install Manual Trollies

As low as: $117.80
  • Trollies are dependable, easy and safe to use
  • Designed to easily adjust to the width of virtually any S, H, W, and M type I-beam
  • Width is adjusted with manual screw mechanism
  • Includes locking ring to prevent trolley width from changing automatically
  • Manual screw mechanism may also be tightened to prevent trolley from moving (similar to a Beam Clamp)
  • Each trolley includes four rollers with sealed bearings for long life
  • A lifting eye is located at the bottom of the trolley for attaching a hoist (sold separately)
  • Steel construction and painted finish
Model EHN-20-C Shop Crane Engine Hoists
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Shop Crane Engine Hoists

As low as: $308.70
  • These portable units are great for hundreds of lifting applications
  • Telescopic boom for multiple lifting heights and capacities
  • Boom is raised and lowered with a manual hydraulic hand pump
  • The high-capacity hydraulic cylinder provides for faster lifting action and features a large diameter ram to withstand angled loads when lifting
  • Includes two rigid and two swivel casters for portability
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and painted finish
Model EBT-46-4 Extended  - Master Boom
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Shorty Lift Master Booms

As low as: $565.60
  • Short boom length is ideal for tight areas
  • Choose either telescoping or non-telescoping design
  • Includes built-in fork pockets and safety restraint
  • Steel construction
  • Powder coat paint finish
Model SLV  Slab Lifter
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Slab Lifters

As low as: $666.40

- Convert your fork truck (with swivel hook) or overhead lifting system into a rugged slab lifter in a matter of seconds
- Designed to meet or exceed the needs of the building and stone industries
- Our innovative slab lifter is becoming a leader in the next generation of lifters
- The usable opening of the top loop is 1 5/8" wide
Model SBRL - Spreader Beam Roll Lifter
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Spreader Beam Roll Lifter

As low as: $884.10
  • Adjustable roll lifter utilizes your overhead hoist to position roll material
  • Core rod is 2 1/2" diameter
  • Ideal where headroom is limited
  • Designed to meet ASME B30.20
  • Width is adjustable on 4" increments
Model TRI - Tripod Hoist Stand
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Tripod Hoist Stands

As low as: $972.20
  • Portable and adjustable height tripod provides a convenient and economical lifting support stand
  • Available in steel or aluminum construction
  • Independently adjustable legs enable use on uneven surfaces
  • Adjust leg height in six inch increments
  • Unit folds for convenient portability and storage
  • Greate for access to confined spaces
  • Features padded pivots for smooth or spiked feet
  • The spiked feed are designed to be used in rough terrain
  • A swivel eyebolt and safety chain are standard
  • Chain hoist not included
  • Meets ANSI safety requirements for confined space Z117.1

* Capacity for material is 1,000 lbs. / Capacity for Personnel is 500 lbs.

Model CPC - Vertical Plate Clamps with Chain
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Vertical Plate Clamps with Chain

As low as: $172.30
  • Designed for lifting plate material in a vertical position
  • Lifting eye includes chain for greater versatility
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for years of reliable use
  • Meets ASME B30.20 standards
Model EPC Vertical Plate Clamp
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Vertical Plate Clamps

As low as: $125.90
  • Pivoting bale for easier and more versatile operation
  • Automatic serrated hardened steel cams and pads
  • Drop-forged steel case for maximum strength
  • Designed to meet ASME B30.20

Warning: Do not exceed the working load limit. Serious bodily injury or property damage may result.