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Bollards - Modern Industrial Solutions

As low as: $79.59
Bollards from Modern Industrial Solutions!

-These bollards have a unique design for maximum protection of equipment and personnel.

-Easy to install and REPLACE

-No painting maintenance required on these bollards!

-Bollards do not rust

-Fixed to the floor with a 0.63", 0.79", or 1.18" steel rod

-These bollards provide maximum protection with features such as:
  • Shockproof/bumper material
  • High Shock resistance
  • Adjustable to any non-level surface

    -Each bollard comes with 1 cap and 1 anchor.

    -Check out our guard rail offerings from Modern Industrial Solutions. These rails also feature a unique design and installation process for maximum protection.

    -More literature and pictures available! Ask us for more information on how these bollards can be used to build a custom warehouse protection setup!

  • Steel Pipe Safety Bollard
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    Bollard - 2", 4.5" and 5.5" OD Steel

    As low as: $49.80

    Steel Pipe Safety Bollard

    - Bollards can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect work areas, racking and personnel.
    - Powder coated yellow finish.
    - Molded rubber caps are removable on 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" diameter units.
    - Steel caps are welded on the 1 3/4" diameter units.
    - Base plate measures 8" x 8" on the 4.5" and 5.5" units.
    - Base plate measures 5" x 5" on the 1 3/4" units.
    - Each unit has four pre-drilled mounting holes.
    - Mounting kits and replacement caps available.
    - Welded steel construction.

    Anchor Kits - Call for Pricing

      Concrete Anchor Bolts (4) 3/8" x 3" (1 3/4" diameter bollards)

    BOL-ABK-4  Concrete Anchor Bolts (4) 3/4" x 4" (4 1/2" x 5 1/2" diameter bollards)

    HANDLE-IT Bollard
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    Bollard - 4" & 6" OD Steel

    As low as: $95.00
  • Protect equipment, electrical panels, and doorways with these sturdy steel columns
  • Bollards, 4" and 6" diameter × 42" high, securely mount to concrete floor with supplied 3/4" concrete wedge anchors
  • Simple installation with only a few tools to drill and install wedge anchors—requires no masonry work
  • Provides an excellent barrier separating vehicles from people

    Solid 10" × 10" base plate

    **Anchoring Hardware Included**


  • CBOL-42-4 Chrome Plated Bollard
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    Bollard - Chrome Plated Steel

    As low as: $92.30
    • Improve the image of your facility while protecting people and equipment.
    • Unit is made of steel and finished with an attractive bright chrome plating for a clean, fresh look.
    • The round, flat top is chrome plated and is non-removable.
    • The mounting plate is pre-drilled with (4) 1/2" diameter holes for quick and easy installation.
    • Base plate diameter is 8".


    Anchoring Kit:

    Concrete Anchor bolts (4) 3/8" x 3"  Call for pricing

    Model BOL-ALUM Decorative Aluminum Bollard
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    Bollard - Decorative Aluminum

    As low as: $330.00
    - Decorate your office's exterior with this inexpensive, functional and attractive Aluminum Bollard.
    - Rust and corrosion free
    - Ideal way to protect buildings, windows, loading docks, parking lots, etc.
    Model FSBOL - Floor Stop Bollard
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    Bollard - Floor Stop

    As low as: $88.30
    - Unique design offers horizontal crash protection
    - Unit is easily inserted into base plates then locked into place
    - Base plate includes four pre-drilled mounting holes
    - Removable black rubber end caps
    - Welded steel construction with yellow powder coat finish
    Model BOL - Folding Bollard
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    Bollard - Folding

    As low as: $92.30
    • Choice of powder coat yellow or galvanized finish.
    • Folding steel barrier post for parking control and security.
    • Bollard is locked in the raised position wiht a padlock (padlock not included).
    • When padlock is removed, bollard may be lowered to ground to allow for access.
    • Base plate must be lagged to ground for proper installation.
    • Installation hardware is not included with this unit.
    Model JBOL Jumbo Bollard
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    Bollard - Jumbo Steel Pipe

    As low as: $268.10
    - Oversized steel pipe for maximum protection and strength
    - Bollards can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect work areas, racking and personnel
    - Base plate includes four pre-drilled mounting with (4) 1/2" diameter holes for quick and easy installation
    - Welded steel cap
    - Heavy-duty welded steel construction
    - Powder coated safety yellow finish
    Bollard - Movable With Wheels
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    Bollard - Movable with Wheels

    As low as: $135.00
    • Movable bollard provides a portable visual barrier when an area needs temporary protection.
    • Ideal for use when keeping traffic out of a temporarily hazardous area or area under repair.
    • May be used indoors or outdoors.
    • Mold-on-rubber 10" diameter wheels are standard.
    • Powder coat yellow paint for high visibility.


    Offset Steel Bollard
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    Bollard - Offset Steel

    As low as: $81.00
    • Unique design features offset base plate that won't interfere with traffic.
    • The 8" x 8" base plate includes (4) pre-drilled mounting holes (mounting hardware sold separately).
    • Removable rubber top cap and black/yellow safety tape included.
    • Heavy-duty welded steel construction with a powder coat safety yellow finish.

    Anchoring Kit:

    (4) 3/4" x 4" concrete anchoring bolts    Call for Pricing

    Model BPC-DC  Cinco Decorative Bollard Cover
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    Bollard Cover - Decorative

    As low as: $118.00
    - Improve the overall appearance of your facility
    - Eliminate painting your bollards again
    - This 1/4" thick polyethylene thermoplastic material slides over your existing steel bollard
    - Inserts available for the 10" - 11" diameter covers to fit 6" or 8" pipe
    - Units available with solar and A/C powered lights
    - Contact us for details
    Model BPC24-5.5 Plastic Bollard Cover
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    Bollard Cover - Plastic

    As low as: $75.60
    • Eliminate the need for costly scraping and painting of unslightly bollards
    • Low density polyethylene thermoplastic molded sleeves slide over existing bollards
    • Covers are 1/4" thick
    • No hardware needed
    • Additional sizes, thicknesses, and colors available
    Model BPC - Poly Bollard Cover
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    Bollard Cover - Poly

    As low as: $46.20
    • Durable poly sleeve will minimize maintenance and improve appearance
    • Covers are 1/8 " thick
    • Units slide over existing bollards
    • No hardware required
    Pour in Place Bollard
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    Bollard - Pour In Place

    As low as: $83.30
    • Make your bollards permanent by setting them in concrete.
    • The extra length of the Pour In Place Bollard allows you to maintain the needed height while fixing the bollard in concrete.
    • Bollard comes with welded anchoring tabs and a removable cap so the bollard can be filled with concrete to increase strength and durability.
    • Powder coated yellow for high visibility
    Model BOL-R-KL-48-5.5 Lockable Removable Bollard
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    Bollard - Pour in Place - Removable & Lockable

    As low as: $190.00
    • Finally a Pour-In-Place bollard with a locking feature enabling you to easily remove the bollard for quick ingress / egress
    • Available in 48" above ground heights.
    • 36" above ground height available upon request
    • 5 9/16" outside diameter guard
    • Key assembly includes dust cover
    • Optional sleeve cover steel plate available at additional cost
    • Safety Yellow
    • Please allow four weeks for manufacture and delivery on this custom product
    Model DOME - Bollard Cover
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    Bollard - Protective Dome Cover

    As low as: $30.20
    • Prevent accidents and injuries from people tripping over raised bolts
    • Easy to use device slides over bollards covering mounting hardware and base plate for a nice clean finish
    • Durable yellow powder coat finish
    • Steel construction
    • No hardware required
    Removable Bollard
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    Bollard - Removable

    As low as: $118.00
    • The Removable Bollard comes with a sleeve that can be set in concrete to hold the bollard.
    • When access is needed in an area that is protected by the bollard, simply lift the bollard from the sleeve.
    • Replace the bollard in its sleeve to restore protection.
    • Powder coat yellow for high visibility.
    • Sleeve is included

    Key Lock Out option - Can put a lock on the bollard so bollard cannot be removed without key. MAY BE KEYED-ALIKE for multiple bollards.
    BOL-OR-40-BK - Removable Ornamental Bollard
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    Bollard - Removable Ornamental

    As low as: $206.10
    • Provide an attractive yet functional barrier to vehicle access and parking.
    • Bollard locks into galvanized steel socket that is cemented into the ground.
    • When the bollard is removed,  a socket cover protects the hole, leaving no protrusion above the surface.
    • Padlock is not included.
    • Powder coat black finish.
    • Includes eyes for attaching chain or rope.
    BOL-RF Removable Steel Bollard
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    Bollard - Removable Steel Pipe

    As low as: $109.70
    - Bollard can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect work areas, racking and personnel
    - Surface mounted steel base plate allows for quick and easy bollard removal
    - Steel base plate is bolted in place
    - Guard is easily inserted into base plate then locked in place
    - Base plate measures 10 1/4" W x 10 1/2" L x 2 1/2" handle height.
    - Includes four (4) pre-drilled mounting holes
    - Molded rubber caps are removable
    - Powder coated safety yellow finish
    -Welded steel construction
    Self Storing Bollard with Door & Lock
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    Bollard - Self Storing with Door and Lock

    As low as: $175.70
    • This unique bollard is designed to slide down into the ground or floor when not needed.
    • Great for preventing access to parking areas.
    • Each unit includes a sleeve that can be set in concrete.
    • Bollard has a handle in the top to allow for easy lifting and lowering.
    • Lift and twist to lock into a raised position.
    • Twist and lower to return to a stored position.
    • Includes locking tab for use with padlock (padlock not included) to prevent unauthorized use.
    • Steel construction with powder coat safety yellow finish.
    Bollard - Spring Loaded Steel
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    Bollard - Spring Loaded Steel

    As low as: $87.20
    • Designed to serve as a visual and audible warning to personnel.
    • Unique spring-loaded design will bend and not snap like less durable bollards.
    • Prevents damage to bollard and equipment.
    • Promotes long life.
    • Order bollard with or without light / siren option.
    • Light / siren option includes sensitive switches that will activate a strobe light and warning siren when bollard is touched.
    • Operates on (2) 9 volt batteries (not included)
    • Simply slides into open top of bollard.
    • Bollard is manufactured from steel and is painted yellow powder coat.
    • Bollards measure 42" high with a 2 1/2" outside diameter
    Model BOL-SS-42-4.5/SP-JAS Stainless Steel Bollard
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    Bollard - Stainless Steel

    As low as: $176.00

    Custom made to your requirements - Please call for pricing!

    - 304 mil stainless steel bollard
    - 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" outside diameter
    - 3/8" x 8" x 8" base plate
    - Welded cap
    - Safety Yellow / Black striped tape around top
    - Mill finish does not include polishing\
    - Special finishes available upon request for an additional charge

    Call us for pricing on your specific need. Custom sizes are available upon request. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

    Elbow Guard
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    Elbow Guard - 90 Degree

    As low as: $283.30
    • Protect the corners of machinery, buildings and offices.
    • The 90 degree bend fits snug around corners to provide the ultimate protection against fork lifts or other manual or motorized equipment.
    • Base plate is 8" x 8".
    • Welded steel construction.
    • Powder safety yellow paint.


    Anchor Kit

    Concrete anchor bolts (8) 3/4" x 4" (4 1/2" guards)  - Call for pricing

    High Profile Machine Guard
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    Machine Guard - High Profile

    As low as: $84.30
    • Heavy-duty steel construction for protecting racks, building walls, expensive equipment, and hundreds of other applications
    • All 42" high units include a 21" mid-rail to comply with OSHA handrailing requirements
    • Two base plates with four pre-drilled mounting holes in each plate
    • Welded steel construction or 304 Stainless Steel


    Anchor Kits

      Concrete Anchor Bolts   (8) 3/8" x 3" (1 5/8" diameter)   Call for Pricing

    HPRO-ABK-4  Concrete Anchor Bolts   (8) 3/4" x 4" (4 1/2" diameter)   Call for Pricing

    Rack Protector - Low Profile
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    Rack Protector - Low Profile

    As low as: $69.00
    • May be used in either indoors or outdoors to protect valuable pallet racking, machinery, and personnel.
    • High visibility yellow powder coat finish.
    • Heavy-duty welded steel construction.


    Anchor Bolts

    Concrete anchor bolts (8) 3/8" x 3" (1 5/8" diameter)  - Call for pricing

      Concrete anchor bolts (8) 3/4" x 4" (4 1/2" diameter)  - Call for pricing