Bollard - Removable

  • The Removable Bollard comes with a sleeve that can be set in concrete to hold the bollard.
  • When access is needed in an area that is protected by the bollard, simply lift the bollard from the sleeve.
  • Replace the bollard in its sleeve to restore protection.
  • Powder coat yellow for high visibility.
  • Sleeve is included

Key Lock Out option - Can put a lock on the bollard so bollard cannot be removed without key. MAY BE KEYED-ALIKE for multiple bollards.

Model Number Usable Height Overall Height Outside Diameter Weight Price Add to Cart
BOL-R-KL N/A N/A N/A (attached on bollard) 1 $118.00
BOL-R-42-5.5 42" 52" 5 1/2" 96 $190.90
BOL-R-48-5.5 48" 58" 5 1/2" 103 $205.10