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Model DJG-100 Electric Hydraulic Dock Barricade
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Barricade - Dock

As low as: $1,964.80

Designed to prevent loading dock "Run Off's" (for 8 or 10 foot wide doors)

- The Dock Barricade represents the next generation of innovative Loading Dock Safety Systems.
- Electric / hydraulic power unit provides quick and effortless operation
- Stops a 4,000 fork truck (loaded at 4K) at 4 M.P.H.
- Electric operation features a 115V single phase motor, 24V control, and electrical bumper-style safety stop circuit to sense obstructions when lowering
- Installation is simple, anchor the unit to the floor, mount the control on the wall and plug in
- Mechanical unit, model DJG-100-MW, features a manual hand crank winch to raise / lower barricade arm

Skipper Cone  Mounted Retracta-Belt Unit
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Cone Mounted Rectracta-Belt & Euro Cones

As low as: $125.00
  • Introducing the new versatile cone mountable Skipper Retracta-Belt™
  • This unit can be used in a variety of situations; its not limited only to cones
  • Use Skipper in the warehouse shipping and receiving areas. Keeps people away from hi-lows, forklifts and other material handling areas
  • Skipper's highly visible tape extends up to 29 feet 6 inches
  • It's  molded design is constructed of polypropylene with glass filled nylon offers a light weight, extremely durable product that will stand up  to the harshest environments
  • Two year warranty
  • The Skipper can accept a sign frame while receiving belts from any direction; no additional hardware required
  • Top of unit is removable for additional attachment of optional light (call for pricing) or sign holder
  • Unique belt end allows connection to other Skipper, to optional receiving ends, or it can wrap around practically any vertical object and attach back to the belt itself
  • Lockable button to keep belt taut and prevent unspooling in windy conditions
  • Screw holes for permanent fixture

See the Rectracta Belt in Action....

Versatile Applications

Cone Mount

- Skipper was designed to fit snugly on a wide variety of traffic cones, saving time, storeage space and money
- For best results we strongly recommend our Euro Cone
- You can use standard cones however you must double or triple stack standard weight cones to get to the correct weight / wall strength
- For additional security the Skipper can be screwed to the wall of the Euro Cone

Wall Mount Bracket

- Save on cones when you mount Skipper to a wall or truck
- Use the wall mount bracket when you need to constantly block off an area such as a loading dock
- Also great for utility companies. Attach a wall mount bracket to a truck and extend the belt another cone or wall mount bracket; a receiving end on another truck, a cone mount receiving end, a tree, street sign, etc.

Mountable Receiving End

- Attach this receiving end to a wall, truck, shelves, etc. for an economical way to end a line
- Available with a magnetic mount for temporary applications

Cone Mount Receiving End

- When mountable receiving ends aren't an option and there's nothing for you to wrap the belt around, the Cone Mount Receiving End is the cost effective alternative to end a line instead of purchasing another Skipper
- Use multiple unts to make your line go around turns using only 1 Skipper
- One Skipper with Two Cone Receiving Ends can form a 5' x 24' barrier

Wrap Around Pole

- Skipper was designed to be extremely flexible
- You only need to use one Skipper unit to mark off about 29' if you have a tree, street sign, storage rack, pole, etc. in reach
- Wrap the belt around the vertical object and slide the belt end's "hook" onto the extended belt.

Model TC-28-SD  Traffic Cone
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Cone - Traffic

As low as: $17.00
  • These durable all weather cones are constructed from 100% PVC for long life
  • Their construction prohibits fading and cracking
  • Will retain its shape for years of reliable service
  • All models feature one piece mold except model TC-30, which features a removable weighted bottom
  • High-visibility orange in color
  • Suffix -2R features two reflectors around the traffic cone
Model PRAIL - Galvanized Interlocking Barrier
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Crowd Control Interlocking Barriers

As low as: $96.40
  • Lightweight one-piece handrail is attractive and functional
  • Interlocking portable railing has many commercial and industrial applications
  • Easy to move to meet changing needs
  • Upright bars are vertically spaced at 5 1/4" intervals
  • Includes connectors to attach multiple units together to form long runs
  • Overall size is 102" L x 40" H
  • All welded steel construction available with galvanized or yellow powder coat finish
  • Suffix HD denotates heavy duty construction
Model EXGATE - Expand-A-Gate
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As low as: $154.20
  • Designed to set up quickly and easily wherever and whenever they are needed
  • Ideal for preventing potential accidents
  • Lightweight design allows personnel to quickly retrieve the gate and limit access to unsafe areas
  • Smooth operating scissor action
  • Interlocking and nestable
  • Steel or aluminum construction available
  • Suffix "C" designates casters
  • Overall height refers to collapsed unit
Model VD-63 Galvanized Door Scissor Gates
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Galvanized Door Scissor Gates

As low as: $175.70
  • Prevent access to rooms with standard pedestrian Door Scissor Gates
  • Ideal for department store door openings, offices, warehouse inventory rooms, etc.
  • Steel construction
  • Installation hardward not included
  • Maximum height measured when unit is collapsed
Model VSSG Galvanized Folding Gate
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Galvanized Folding Gates

As low as: $246.90
  • Secure outside access during the day and add security at night with heavy-duty 15 gauge steel folding gates
  • Durable 3" rubber casters allow operator to quickly and fully retract gate when not in use
  • Center drop pin restes in pre-drilled hole to secure gate when extended
  • Easy installation
  • Lock is located on right side on single gates
  • Galvanized for durability
  • Constructed of steel U-channels riveted back to back using aircraft quality rivets and heavy-duty 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" vertical angles
  • Installation hardware included
  • Custom sizes available!
Model VXL Galvanized Portable Gate
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Galvanized Portable Gate

As low as: $902.00
  • Gates perfect  for many locations: hospitals, schools, and warehouses
  • Use for blocking equipment, personnel, and entrances
  • Portable gates expand and lock to close off any opening which allows for mobile security and safety
  • When not in use simply fold up, roll away, and store.
  • Purchase optional add-on sections to expand to any distance
Basic Base Series TSB-7B
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Indoor Personnel Guidance Barriers

As low as: $91.30

Keep lines flowing smoothly with economical personnel guidance barriers. Perfect for restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools and banks. Ideal for indoor applications. Series WEB are not interchangeable with series TSB and TSBO.

Floor Mounted Barrier, model WEB-P-GL
includes black fabric web with a white stripe. The self-retracting web extends 72". Web end attaches to another barrier.

Wall Mounted Barrier, model WEB-W includes black fabric web with white stripe. The self-retracting web extends up to 72". Web end will attach to wall-mounted receiver or another floor mounted barrier.

Classic Tensabarrier® Web Barrier is seen around the world in various businesses and airports. Many blet colors and designs available.  Call for details!

Model MEZZ-200 Mezzanine Safety Gate
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Mezzanine Safety Gate

As low as: $961.60
  • The Mezzaine Safety Gate provides an OSHA required 42" high handrail, 21" high mid-rail and 4" high kickplate for mezzanines without sacrificing load accessibility
  • The gate rotates to allow a usable area of 58" W x 70" D
  • Gate design is balanced to allow for easy operation without use of springs
  • Safety yellow powder coat finish
  • Welded steel construction
Model DWB - Overhead Door Warning Barrier
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Overhead Door Warning Barrier

As low as: $544.30
  • Protect overhead doors from fork trucks and other traffic coming and going each day
  • Intended for use as a warning system; not as a fork truck stop
  • Constructed with tubular steel uprights and a 4" x 4" wooden beam across the top of the guard
  • The wooden beam can be easily and inexpesively replaced when damaged
  • Guard will not interfere with overhead door
  • Complete unit is painted high visibility OSHA safety yellow
  • Concrete installation kit is available
  • Custom sizes available
Model VDKR Steel Safety Pipe Railing
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Pipe Safety Railing

As low as: $72.80
  • Protect people from uneven walkways and mezzanine drop off's
  • These durable railings are made of schedule 40 pipe ( 1 5/8" O.D.)
  • Handrails are 42" high with a 21" mid-rail
  • Mounting options include socket sleeves, cast steel base, barricade base, or cast steel sockets for convenient handrail removal
  • The cast steel sockets accept wood 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" when toe boards are required
  • The cast steel base has two lag down holes for permanently mounting the railing
  • There are two open cavities to allow for 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" toe boards
  • Steel railing features powder coat safety yellow finish

NOTE:  Railing options work with both steel and aluminum railing.

Floor Mounted Post
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Plastic Chain Barricades

As low as: $112.70
- Portable and lightweight units are easy to position where needed!
- Choose either floor-mount or ground-stake design
- Chain simply snaps onto post hooks (two hooks per post)
- Three standard colors to choose from: white, yellow and black
- Units are eay to assemble with snap-together parts
- Posts are sold (4) to a box
- Chains sold in rolls only
Model VPC-6G  Poly Barricades
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Poly Barricades

As low as: $305.00
  • The color of these barricades is ideal for applications where appearance is an issue
  • Displays well at municipalties, parks, amusement parks, and lighting areas
  • Ideal for traffic and crowd control
  • Lightweight and easy to fill with liquid or sand for added weight
  • Features a 4" fill cap and 2" drain
  • Approximate filled weight is 520 lbs.
  • Additional colors available
Model SPG  Self-Closing Steel Gate
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Self-Closing Steel Gates

As low as: $257.00
  • Customize your safety railings with Self-Closing Steel Gates.
  • Gates can be mounted from the left or right with the included mounting hardware
  • Mount to horizontal rails that measure up to 2" in diameter and are spaced 10" to 21" apart center to center
  • Choose from galvanized or yellow powder coat finish
  • Meets OSHA 1910.23a requirements
  • Railing and base not included
Model SSRAIL-96 Stainless Steel Railing
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Stainless Steel Railing

As low as: $917.00
  • Keep guests flowing in restaurants, schools, offices or other indoor, and outdoor applications
  • The unique contemporary design offers a clean look wherever the railing is placed
  • The free standing units won't rust
  • Railing includes weighted round base feet, which may be easily removed for storage, and chain interlocking system for attaching multiple units together to form long runs
Model SQ - Rigid Section
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Steel Square Safety Handrails

As low as: $88.90
  • An economical way to protect people and machinery
  • Applications include loading docks, floor openings, walkways and mezzanines
  • Highly visible safety yellow powder coat finish
  • Available with or without toeboards as application requires
Model VGLT-Surface Mount Flexible Stakes
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Surface Mount Flexible Stakes

As low as: $37.60
-Ideal for high traffic and high impact locations
-Constructed of polycarbonate extrusion and flexible hinge which makes it virtually indestuctible
-Easy four part assembly which is the post and hinge, 8" diameter base, grips and pin
-Quick to install, they can be mounted to concrete, asphalt, wood and other hard surfaces using appropriate hardware (not included)
-FAA approved
-Other colors and styles are available

**Please note that all reflective sheeting is sold in eaches / one per side**