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Pallets & Accessories

Model AP-4248 Aluminum Pallet
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Aluminum Pallets

As low as: $299.60
  • A must for the food and chemical industries!
  • Easy to clean with a power washer
  • Stands up to high-power steam, brushes, or pads
  • Features a non-skid surface for easy transportation of all products
  • Durable and re-usable
  • Heavy-duty welded aluminum construction
Model MULTI-C  Multi-Height Container
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Multi-Height Container

As low as: $339.00
  • Increase flexibility and accessibility with this Multi-Height Container
  • As the user loads or unloads the height can be increased or decreased
  • Constructed of polyethylene plastic with steel hinges
  • Four way pallet increases convenience
Model WES-272986 Pallet Leveler
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Pallet Leveler

As low as: $3,129.70
  • The Pallet Leveler progressively lowers as pallet is loaded and raises as pallet is unloaded
  • 3 heavy duty calibrated springs used in combination according to desired load range
  • Bearing supported carousel for easy turning
  • Built in fork pockets for ease of transport
  • Helps reduce fatigue and inury from bending and lifting

Note: Accordian Safety Skirting is available. Ask for model WES-275001 (Accordian Skirting) pricing.

Model PAL-12 Single Scissor Pallet Puller
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Pallet Pullers

As low as: $71.10
- Pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork truck access
- Rugged steel construction
- Heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood particles, paint or grease
- Pallet pullers are not designed for lifting

- PAL-12 and PAL-16 - single scissor allows for wider jaw opening

- PAL-14 - Cam closing action provides for maximum gripping strength and reduces pinch points
- Safety handle enables easier positioning and removal
-Grips both metal and wood pallets with biting action

- PAL-21 and PAL-LP - One piece curved heads have integral spurs for gripping pallet stringers
Model PLPS-4840 - Plastic Pallet / Skid Top View
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Plastic Pallets & Skids

As low as: $48.20
MODEL PLPS - Plastic Pallet & Skid

- This innovative design unites two essential product features; capacity and versatility
- Pallet / Skid entry provides 4-way entry, 2-way by pallet truck and 4-way by a fork truck
- The uniform supported capacity is 4,000 pounds
- Features anti-slide grommets which prevent the pallets from sliding off the forks and each other during transit

Model PLP- Series

- Suitable for efficient storage
- Made of virgin polyethylene for longer life
- Pallets are maintenance free and safer to handle than wooden pallets
- Feature four-way entry
- Serrated deck with holes for drainage
- Plastic pallets are ideal for export, pharmaceutical, medical, and food applications
- No steel inserts - not for use in unsupported pallet rack, except for model PLPR-4840

Note: Models PLPG-4848-HD and PLPBL-5143 - Not Pallet Truck Usable

Models PLPB-4840 & PLPBL-5143 offer anti-slide grommets in fork pockets and on top/bottom of pallet. This prevents pallets from sliding during transport.

Model PLPR-4840 is a rackable pallet. 10,000 lbs. static / 3,700 lbs. dynamic / 2,200 lbs. racking capacity.
Model PPI-90 Portable Pallet Inverter
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Portable Pallet Inverter

As low as: $15,939.00
- Tilt and rotate loads with our durable Pallet Inverter
- Low profile design allows the operator to stand on the rider platform and steer the load from workstation to workstation quickly and easily
- DC power lift and drive makes operation safe and efficient
- The ergonomic handle features easy to operate throttle with infinite forward and reverse speeds, tilt / lower controls, safety belly reverse button and horn
- Features an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when user releases the handle
- Includes two 12V batteries, an on-board battery charger (AC 110V or 220V/60 hz.), battery level gauge, key lock, emergency battery disconnect and horn
- Ideal in loading dock areas as a power pallet truck, pallet tilter or as a turntable
- Rolls smoothly on polyurethane steer and load wheels
Model PLB-5 Prylever Bar
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Prybar Levers

As low as: $131.00
  • Provide dock workers, riggers and freight handlers with the leverage to get underneath heavy objects for transporting with fork truck, hand truck, pallet truck, or machinery movers
  • Two 5" x 2" poly-on-steel wheels
  • 6" W x 8" L x 1/2" thick steel nose with beveled edge is bolted on the wood handle units and welded on the steel units
  • Steel units feature powder coate blue finish